50 CBD Products You May Not Have Heard Of

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has quickly become popular and has been popping up in products ranging from skincare to food and beyond. CBD is being utilized by consumers who are seeking relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia. It’s a chemical compound derived from the hemp plant, but unlike its cousin, THC, it doesn’t produce a high.

If you’re wondering what kinds of products you can find with CBD, here are 50 CBD products you may not have heard of.

  1. Organi Gummies

Organi Gummies CBD ProductsThese CBD gummies are made with 100% organic ingredients and infused with high-quality CBD derived from hemp. Each gummy provides 10 mg of CBD per serving, so you have more precise dosing than with a CBD oil or tincture.

Cost: $44.00

  1. CBD Living Freeze

CBD Living FreezeWith 300 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, this roll-on treatment can be applied locally to painful muscles. The company claims this topical treatment is quickly absorbed through the skin thanks to the use of nano-CBD technology.

Cost: $30.00

  1. CBD Living Milk Chocolate

CBD Living Milk ChocolateGot a sweet tooth? Each CBD Living chocolate bar contains 120 mg of broad-spectrum nano-CBD. CBD Living says it has engineered this chocolate for immediate bioavailability with 15 mg of CBD per segment. Delish!

Cost: $20.00

  1. CBD Turmeric & Ginger Tea

CBD Turmeric & Ginger TeaUsing high-quality nano-sized particles of water-soluble CBD, Buddha Teas says these tea bags ensure that your body absorbs the maximum amount of the CBD. The company claims that with the addition of turmeric and ginger, it provides powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Cost: $19.99

  1. CBD Coconut Oil

CBD Coconut OilThis product combines two of the world’s most powerful superfoods: hemp and coconut oil. You can use this CBD-infused coconut oil just as you would regular coconut oil – for your skin, smoothies, hair, coffee, and so much more.

Cost: $27.95

  1. ReThink CBD Hemp Shot Energy & Focus

CBD Hemp ShotReThink says this unique energy drink gives you a boost without jitters or a crash. It includes an impressive 10 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil derived from hemp and tastes like mangos and oranges.

Cost: $6.95

  1. CBD Living Water

CBD Living Water
Infused with 100% organic hemp CBD extract using cutting-edge nanotechnology, CBD Living designed this water with bioavailability in mind. It can help you get hydrated while taking in your daily dose of CBD.

Cost: $4.99

  1. Mender Deodorant

Mender Deodorant CBD productMender Deodorant combines organic shea butter and coconut oil to provide smooth, long-lasting coverage, and the company says hemp CBD aids in soothing the skin. The deodorant lasts up to 12 hours, even during periods of high activity.

Cost: $16.00

  1. CBD 3-in-1 Massage Candle

CBD massage candleThis unique CBD candle can be used as fragrant candle, massage oil, and body moisturizer. CBD Daily claims the 60 mg of powerful hemp-derived CBD helps to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Cost: $18.99

  1. CBD Toothpaste

CBD toothpasteHemp extract may act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent, making it the perfect addition to toothpaste. This CBD toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh without the use of abrasives or fluoride.

Cost: $14.95

  1. Harvest Moon Body Bar

CBD soapThis bar contains 100 mg of full-spectrum active CBD that’s harvested in the United States. It’s scented like a pumpkin spice latte and packed with orange, lavandin, and tangerine essential oils.

Cost: $18.00

  1. CBD Barrier Balm

CBD balmCBD Barrier Balm acts as a barrier for your skin to help prevent chafed cheeks from exposure to cold, gusty wind, cracked and rough hands and feet, and dry skin. Packed with 500 mg of CBD, it may help revitalize your skin and provide a dose of vitamins and minerals right where you need it.

Cost: $49.99

  1. Chaga Chai CBD Kombucha

CBD kombuchaCBD and kombucha are like a match made in heaven. This bottle of kombucha combines the tastes of chaga and chai with 25 mg of CBD extract that does not alter the taste of the beverage.

Cost: Varies by retailer

  1. Kushie Bites CBD Beef Jerky

CBD jerkyGet your daily dose of CBD in beef jerky form. These tasty treats are made with lean cuts of steak and 250 mg of CBD for a high protein snack that truly satisfies.

Cost: $25.00

  1. Emerald CBD + Adaptogens Deep Moisture Glow Oil

CBD moisturizerDesigned to soothe stressed-out skin, Emerald CBD Oil contains 100 mg of Colorado-grown, full-spectrum CBD. It may help provide relief from irritation and environmental stressors to promote a healthy complexion.

Cost: $58.00

  1. Cannuka CBD Nourishing Body Cream

CBD body creamThis soothing body cream has been formulated to deeply moisturize and nourish skin for immediate relief from dry skin. It’s packed with CBD, Manuka honey, hyaluronic acid, and grapefruit extract to create a nourishing cream that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft.

Cost: $28.00

  1. CBD Infused Exfoliating Cleanser

CBD exfoliatorThis CBD facial cleanser gently exfoliates the skin with jojoba beads, revealing fresher, more youthful looking skin. It’s also packed with 100 mg of CBD, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, and orange and grapefruit essential oils.

Cost: $34.00

  1. CBD Eye Serum

CBD eye serumLightweight and fast absorbing, this eye serum has been designed to soothe and moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes. It’s made with phytonutrient-rich CBD and other potent plant extracts to help smooth, soften, and brighten your eye area.

Cost: $32.00

  1. Mountjoy Sparkling Water

CBD sparking waterMade with 10 mg Nanotonic hemp extract per bottle, this CBD sparkling water is fast-acting and effective. It also clocks in at zero calories, zero carbs, and zero sugars and comes in five exciting flavors.

Cost: $55.00 (for a pack of 12)

  1. CBD Daily Shampoo

CBD shampooThis shampoo blends hemp, argan, and other essential oils that help give your scalp the healthy boost it needs. It’s sulfate-free and can be used on colored hair.

Cost: $18.99

  1. Acabada Astor Legging

CBD leggingsMade with CBD-infused, high-shine fabric, these leggings have a slimming waistband to hold everything together throughout your workout. They’re infused with 10 mg of CBD.

Cost: $10.00

  1. CBD for Life Oral Spray

CBD sprayThis oral spray is a fast and easy way to take your CBD. Just spray it under your tongue, and you’re good to go. It’s so quick and discreet, you can use it at the office, in your car, or anywhere while you’re on the go, whenever you need it most.

Cost: $25.00

  1. CBD Epsom Soak

CBD epsom soakTaking a bath in Epsom salts can help relax muscles, calm inflammation, and detoxify the body. This product combines Epsom salts with organic, hemp-derived CBD and a proprietary blend of essential oils for an amplified effect.

Cost: $24.00

  1. Pure Ratios Transdermal Reservoir Patch

CBD hemp oil patchThese transdermal patches provide up to 3-4 days (or 96 hours) of topical delivery of CBD. According to Pure Ratios, this allows the CBD to bypass the digestive process for maximum absorption of cannabinoids right where you need them the most.

Cost: $18.00

  1. Hemp Bombs CBD Syrup

CBD syrupThis fruit punch-flavored CBD Syrup packs broad-spectrum CBD into manageable servings. You can mix it into your favorite drinks or just take it on its own.

Cost: $19.99

  1. Hemp CBD Peanut Butter

CBD peanut butterThis CBD-infused peanut butter offers a great source of protein, fiber, potassium, and heart healthy fats. Plus, it’s packed with 500 mg of CBD oil.

Cost: $28.98

  1. Jolly Bombs CBD Lollipops

CBD lollipopsThese CBD lollipops make taking your daily dose of CBD a lot more delicious. Each lollipop packs 40 mg of premium broad-spectrum CBD in mouth-watering flavors, such as watermelon, green apple, cherry, and pink lemonade.

Cost: $14.98

  1. Cannawine

CBD wineExtracted from young red grapes from the Costa Brava, this wine has a sweet and sugary flavor. Designed to drink cold, it’s also infused with organic hemp extract.

Cost: Varies by retailer

  1. CBD Coffee

CBD coffeeThis coffee is more than the average cup of joe. It’s infused with CBD and features notes of dark chocolate and caramel with a hint of hazelnut.

Cost: $29.99

  1. Genesee CBD Protein Bar

CBD protein barGet some protein along with your CBD. Each protein bar contains 5 mg of water-soluble CBD along with 20 grams of a whey-hemp protein blend in delicious flavors, including cookies and cream and chocolate peanut butter crisp.

Cost: $39.99 (for a pack of 12)

  1. Pure Hemp CBD Protein Powder

CBD protein powderThis CBD protein powder is intended for athletes who need protein for post-workout recovery. It’s packed with 24 g of whey protein and 20 mg of CBD isolate per serving with a tasty chocolate or vanilla flavor.

Cost: $45.00

  1. Nourishing CBD Conditioner

CBD conditionerHydration is the key when it comes to conditioning your hair. This conditioner has been designed to lock in moisture with the power of plants, including avocado, eucalyptus, and CBD.

Cost: $25.00

  1. CBD Face Mask

CBD face maskInfused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, black licorice, and rosemary, this face mask combats daily stressors and restores your skin to a more youthful glow. Made with natural cellulose, these face masks are breathable, soft, and comfortable.

Cost: $79.95 (for a pack of 5)

  1. CBD Infused Honey Sticks

CBD honey sticksWith 10 mg of CBD each, these honey sticks are a sweet way to get your daily dose of CBD. Eat it directly out of the tube or put it in hot tea. They’re a great alternative to consumables, CBD tinctures, or CBD pills.

Cost: $12.95 (for a pack of 5)

  1. CBD Cake Pop

CBD cake popThese CBD-infused cake pops feature 30 mg of CBD with a soft vanilla flavored cream center and a chocolate cookie dough covering. Sweet pink icing and white sprinkles top it off.

Cost: $9.74

  1. American Shaman CBD Brownies

CBD browniesBaked with terpene-rich CBD icing, these brownies are made to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each brownie treat is packed with 15 mg for a total of 30 mg of CBD per package.

Cost: $9.95

  1. Natural CBD PMS Cream

CBD creamThis natural PMS cream has been specially designed to ease discomfort associated with your period. It’s made with 120 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract, vanilla, and verbena for soothing relief.

Cost: $65.00

  1. CBD Bath Bombs

CBD bath bombsDesigned with relaxation in mind, these bath bombs fizz and explode with essential oils and CBD. Add music, candles, and your choice of reading material for the ideal bath experience.

Cost: $14.00

  1. Hair Plasma CBD Hair Mask

CBD hair maskThis hair mask targets your roots, hair follicles, and scalp with intense moisture. It’s packed with 250 mg CBD isolate derived from hemp grown in Colorado, coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin E, and essential oils.

Cost: $54.00

  1. Naturally G4U Be Well Hydrating Facial Mask

CBD hydration facial maskPacked with essential fatty acids, omega-3s, hemp seed oil, and CBD, this face mask may help balance skin while keeping it toned and hydrated. Just apply to clean skin and leave it on for 20 minutes or overnight.

Cost: $29.99

  1. Sweet Earth CBD Shaving Cream

CBD shaving creamWith skin-nourishing ingredients like soothing aloe, papaya, jojoba oil, and CBD, this shaving cream leaves skin soft and smooth without razor burn. It’s vegan, GMO-free, and USDA certified organic.

Cost: $21.00

  1. CBD Active Spray

CBD active sprayThis active spray is designed for post workout recovery, and it also contains 60 mg of CBD. Just point and spray for easy administration that’s mess-free and dries quickly.

Cost: $24.99

  1. Superlost CBD Cold Brew

CBD cold brewThis cold brew is made with three simple ingredients: water, single origin coffee, and full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s designed to give you the mental boost associated with caffeine without the negative side effects such as jitters and anxiousness.

Cost: Varies by retailer

  1. Seventh Sense CBD Lip Balm

CBD lip balmWith coconut oil, vitamin E, jojoba, and hemp-derived CBD, this lip balm delivers moisture right where you need it most. The unique combination of ingredients helps keep lips soft and smooth.

Cost: $7.50

  1. Seventh Sense Crystal Clear CBD Foaming Face Wash

CBD face washMade with green tea, aloe, and CBD, this face cleanser gets rid of dirt, makeup, and grime for a pure, clear complexion. Each bottle contains 50 mg of 100% hemp-derived CBD.

Cost: $18.50

  1. Seventh Sense Instant Aura CBD Face Toner

CBD face tonerWith chamomile, aloe, hyaluronic acid, and hemp-derived CBD, this face toner claims to clarify skin while delivering intense moisture. The company says it also can help close pores and tighten skin to reduce the penetration of contaminants into the skin.

Cost: $24.50

  1. CBD FX Hemp Cream

CBD hemp creamDesigned for dry, dull, and cracked skin, this CBD cream claims to deliver intense moisture right where you need it most. An all-natural formulation, it’s packed with 150 mg of potent topical, broad-spectrum CBD.

Cost: $39.99

  1. Ganja Juice CBD Infused Hot Sauce

Made with sun-ripened peppers and CBD-infused oil, this hot sauce is a brand-new way to get your daily dose of CBD during any meal at home or on the go. Spice up your favorite foods and get 10 mg of CBD per serving.

Cost: $12.00

  1. CBD Express CBD Sugar Packs

CBD sugar packsMade in convenient, single serving packets, this raw turbinado sugar contains 25 mg of full-spectrum, hemp derived CBD powder. They’re perfect for taking on the go, adding to coffee or tea, or sprinkling on top of a decadent dessert.

Cost: $29.99

  1. Pure Ratios CBD Lozenges

CBD lozengesCBD lozenges are a discreet and handy way to enjoy CBD. Pure Ratios says these lozenges are made with 50 mg of CBD that’s designed for slow release and efficient absorption into the bloodstream.

Cost: $12.00

If you’re ready to give hemp a try, check out our proprietary Hemp Extract powder. It’s made to dissolve completely in any food, allowing you to get your daily dose of hemp in any smoothie, drink, or other foods.