The 50 Best CBD Cookies You Should Try

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Best CBD Cookies

If you like to enjoy the potential benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), you now have several tasty ways to do that. CBD lollipops, gummies, and other candies have become very popular over the last few years. They not only taste good but often provide a specific dose of CBD, allowing you to customize the amount of CBD you consume.

Perhaps one of the best options when it comes to CBD consumables is the CBD cookie. You can get your cookie fix and your CBD in the same snack, which some consumers say may help boost mood, promote relaxation, and ease anxiety.

There are a variety of CBD cookies you can purchase on the market today, but you can also make your own. If you’d like to try CBD cookies and snack bites, check out our list of the top 50 below. We’ve included some you can purchase ready-made as well as recipes you can try at home if you’re interested in baking and cooking with CBD.

Ready-Made CBD Cookies

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies with CBD

Chocolate Chip Cookies with CBD

If you are looking to get started with CBD cookies, then try our classic as the chocolate chip cookie with CBD. It is one of the best tasting CBD cookies on the market and part of the exclusive Incredible Edibles baked goods collection. The cookies contain 30 mg of CBD per cookie (or 90 mg in the 3-cookie package) and are infused with Colorado-grown, high-quality, lab-tested isolate hemp CBD.

Currently, these delicious cookies are only available in certain locations, so residents in North Carolina can check their local stores.

Cost: $9/3-pack

2. Frosted Cookie with CBD

Frosted Cookies with CBD

For those with a sweet tooth, try our frosted cookie with CBD. Enjoy that classic sugar cookie taste mixed with some sweet frosting to indulge your taste buds. Plus, like all of our Incredible Edible baked goods collection, the cookies are are infused with Colorado-grown, high-quality, lab-tested isolate hemp CBD. These cookies contain 45 mg of CBD per cookie (or 135 mg in the 3-cookie package) and one of the best tasting CBD cookies on the market.

Currently, these delicious cookies are only available in certain locations, so residents in North Carolina can check their local stores.

Cost: $12/3-pack

3. Kushie Bites CBD Cookies

Baked fresh every week, each cookie is infused with full-spectrum CBD and comes free of refined sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors, or GMOs. They are also 100 percent organic, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and nutrient-dense. Choose from sweet dreams (with melatonin and 50 mg CBD) and chocolate chip (25 mg CBD).

Cost: $92/one-dozen sweet dreams, $60/one-dozen chocolate chip

4. 502 Hemp CBD Cookies

These cookies are created with the company’s Kentucky CBD isolate (about 25 mg per cookie) and are made with vegan ingredients in a dedicated allergy-free facility. Choose from the double chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, sugar, and oatmeal fig.

Cost: $5/1 cookie

5. Social Cookie

This delicious chocolate chip cookie comes with 30 mg of premium full-spectrum CBD baked in. With only 50 calories each, each one provides you a tasty, relaxing treat.

Cost: $8/1 cookie

6. CBDfx Vegan Protein Cookie

Satisfy your sweet tooth while loading up on protein with these vegan protein cookies. Each has 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 13 grams of pure protein. Choose from chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin.

Cost: $14.97/3 cookies

7. Budz CBD Cookies

Try a tasty cookie to get your daily dose of CBD. Each one includes 25 mg of third-party-tested CBD, for a total of 200 mg per pack. Available in chocolate chip and brownie flavors, these cookies are made in Wisconsin.

Cost: $20/8 cookies

8. Good Bites CBD Cookie Dough

If you want to bake your own CBD cookies at home, try this healthy, hemp-infused cookie dough. It’s made with simple and organic ingredients and creates cookies that contain 25 mg CBD each.

Cost: $17/24 CBD bites

9. Mom’s Organic Munchies Hemp Cookies

Those looking for gluten-free and egg-free cookies will like these, as they’re made with almond meal, dark chocolate, and organic ingredients. One serving contains 230 calories, with 3 grams of fiber. These cookies include hemp seeds.

Cost: $2.65/1 cookie

10. CBD Infused Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

Each cookie contains 20 mg of CBD oil from 100 percent industrial organic hemp oil. Other ingredients include flour, sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, eggs, baking powder, and salt.

Cost: $11.99/1 cookie

11. Uplift Gut Happy Cookies

This isn’t your usual sweet cookie. Instead, think of it as a healthy snack. It’s made with ingredients you may have never tried before, like toasted lupin flour, tapioca fiber, and tiger nut flour, along with some familiar friends like almonds, coconut sugar, and hulled hemp. These cookies are low sugar and keto-friendly.

Cost: $38.99/1.41 oz. pack

12. Sweet Grass Kitchen CBD Cookies

These cookies have a little bit of THC in them, but the amount is small: 1 mg per cookie, along with 20 mg of CBD. If you eat the whole package at once, you’ll get a total of 200 mg CBD and 10 mg THC. They’re made of natural ingredients in a double-chocolate flavor.

Cost: ­$25/10 cookies

13. Korova Mini Cookies

These mini cookies each have 10 mg of CBD. Other ingredients include flour, sugar, butter, eggs, vanilla bean paste, baking powder, sugar crystals, and salt. Choose from double chocolate or ginger chew.

Cost: $16/10 cookies

14. Courtney’s Cookies

These cookies are infused with organic, full-spectrum CBD oil and are THC-free. You can choose from the “chill out” option, which includes 25 mg of hemp extract, or the “nighty night” option, which is a vanilla lavender cookie infused with 50 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract plus 3 mg of melatonin.

Cost: $5/1 cookie

15. Belly Crush Oatmeal Hemp

Might these cookies help you lose weight? That’s what the manufacturers say. They’re high in plant-based fiber that may help improve gut health and help support your weight-loss goals. Consume one cookie 30 minutes before your meal to control your appetite. Yes, just this once, you can have dessert before dinner! They’re made with hemp hearts.

Cost: $8.99/6 servings

16. Canapuglia Fattorie Hemp Cookies

Taste the Apulian artisan tradition in these genuine cookies. They are gluten-free, vegan, and organic, and include hemp flour. They’re made in Italy.

Cost: $4.99/one bag

17. GluteNull Hemp Cookies

Those avoiding gluten will enjoy these little hemp goodies. They’re certified gluten-free, vegan, and paleo, as well as low-carb and ketogenic diet-friendly. The first ingredient is organic hemp hearts, followed by organic coconut flour and coconut oil.

Cost: $9.99/8 oz. bag

18. Siren Snacks R&R Bites

Each of these little coconut chocolate chip cookies contains 5 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract. You won’t find any grains, gluten, or artificial ingredients.

Cost: $48/ten 1.7 oz. packs

19. Califortunes

Want to read your fortune while enjoying your CBD? Try these light and crispy fortune cookies infused with CBD. Other varieties that include various levels of THC are also available. They work great for parties and other celebrations.

Cost: Not listed

20. Kate’s Real Food Stash Hemp Snack Bites

Handmade with USDA-certified ingredients, these snack bites include peanut butter, flax, and healthy hemp hearts. Packed with protein, they help boost your energy while giving you the focus you need to make the most of your day.

Cost: $6.99/6.6 oz. bag

21. Pure Bliss Organic Snack Bites

If you love peanut butter, these are the cookies for you. They’re USDA-certified organic, gluten-free, and vegan, and each bite is loaded with protein from brown rice, peanut butter, and hemp seeds.

Cost: $5.99/one 3.8 oz bag

CBD Cookie Recipes

22. Small-Batch Anti-Anxiety CBD Cookies

This four-cookie batch features CBD oil, dark chocolate, and nuts. The cookies take about 15-18 minutes to bake, with each one including about 5 mg of CBD.

Yield: 4 cookies

23. All Recipes Chocolate Chip CBD Cookie

This is a typical chocolate chip cookie recipe that’s been modified slightly to include a little CBD oil. Ingredients include regular butter, sugar, baking soda, and flour. Bake for about 12 minutes.

Yield: 4 dozen

24. Cannabinoid Creations Chocolate Chip Cookies

These easy-to-bake cookies are also close to your basic chocolate chip cookies with a little unflavored CBD tincture added in.

Yield: 1 dozen

25. Sweet Teal Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Chewy and flavorful, these cookies are perfect at Christmas or anytime of the year. They’re made with peppermint CBD oil for a bit of minty goodness.

Yield: 24 servings

26. Gluten-Free CBD Infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip is definitely the favorite recipe out there! These cook in only about 10 minutes and call for 2 mL (200 mg) of CBD oil. The only other difference between these and your standard chocolate chip cookies is the gluten-free flour.

Yield: Not listed

27. Emily Kyle Cannabis Cookies

Nothing fancy here—just your regular melt-in-your-mouth cannabis-infused cookie. You can simply swap the fat called for, like butter or oil, for cannabis butter or cannabis oil and you’re good to go. Or you can follow this recipe, which uses cannabis-infused coconut oil or cannabutter.

Yield: Not listed

28. Almond Flour Cookies

Enjoy a healthy cookie when you use almond flour instead of traditional flour. This recipe gives you gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and dairy-free cookies.

Yield: 6 servings

29. CBD Love Letter Cookies

Bake these for a special occasion—they’re adorable! There are several options for swapping ingredients, but the basic recipe is simple and fun. This recipe uses 200 mg of CBD oil or de-carbed CBD hemp flour.

Yield: 12 love letters

30. Healthier Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoy a little peanut butter with your chocolate. These cookies are made with oat flour, peanut butter, and coconut sugar, and they’re crispy and chewy at the same time. It’s the perfect vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free cookie recipe.

Yield: 10 cookies

31. No-Bake Almond Butter Cookies

Forget the oven and try this no-bake recipe that anyone can enjoy. The cookies are vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, and keto-friendly.

Yield: 15 cookies

32. Healthy Cookie Dough Bites

A happy kitchen creation accident led to this fun recipe. Each bite is loaded with healthy fats and protein. Choose from three flavors: maple pecan & raisin, toasted coconut & date, and chocolate chip.

Yield: Not listed

33. 25mg CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

Start with a traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe and add a relaxing CBD twist. Each cookie contains about 12.5 mg of CBD. This recipe uses Upstate Elevator’s extra-strength CBD coconut oil.

Yield: 48 cookies

34. CBD Caramel-Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

Indulgent and sure-to-please, these cookies have a soft, chewy exterior and a gooey caramel center infused with CBD. With an added sea-salt finish, you won’t be able to resist them!

Yield: 12 cookies

35. Simply Add CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe that uses the Simply Add CBD Baking Oil to add 5 mg of CBD per cookie. Other ingredients include the standard butter, sugar, and vanilla.

Yield: 30 cookies

36. Simply Add CBD Sugar Cookies

From the same Simply Add site comes this sugar cookie recipe, which also uses the Simply Add CBD Baking Oil. The average CBD dosage is about 5 mg per cookie.

Yield: 18 cookies

37. Simply Add CBD Peanut Butter Cookies

One more from Simply Add—peanut butter cookies. These also use Simply Add Baking Oil and have about 5 mg of CBD per cookie.

Yield: 15 cookies

38. Hazelnut and Pretzel CBD Cookies

Shake it up in your kitchen with this unique flavor, made with standard ingredients plus hazelnut spread, pretzels, and 200 mg CBD oil. This recipe requires parchment paper.

Yield: 20 cookies

39. CBD Cookies

This simple recipe uses one cup of CBD butter as the source of the CBD. Each batch takes about 15 minutes to bake.

Yield: 24 cookies

40. Sprightly CBD Sugar Cookies

Perfect for the holiday season, these cookies are Santa’s favorites. Made with Sprightly’s CBD at your chosen dosage: 600 mg, 1,200 mg CBD, or 2,400 mg CBD, you can also add sprinkles when you’re done!

Yield: Not listed

41. Mile High Chocolate Chip CBD Cookies

Use Mile High’s natural CBD oil in this recipe to get your CBD dose along with a sweet and tasty cookie. You have the option to use chocolate chips or your favorite crushed candy bar.

Yield: 12 cookies

42. CBD-Infused Vegan Tahini Cookies

These are chocolate chip cookies made with tahini, which is a Middle Eastern condiment made from toasted ground hulled sesame. Other ingredients include CBD coconut oil and flaked sea salt.

Yield: Not listed

43. Good for You Gluten-Free Cookies

Use this DIY Cookie Kit to make your own gourmet food gift for any occasion. The result is a gluten-free batch of dark chocolate cookies. They’re made with organic ingredients including virgin coconut oil, hemp hearts, honey, vanilla, dark chocolate, and pecans.

Cost: $23/one kit—makes 3 dozen

44. CBD Snickerdoodles

You can purchase these from the Elevate Bakery or make them yourself. The recipe calls for Elevate CBD isolate powder. Each cookie contains about 50 mg CBD.

Yield: 33 cookies

45. No-Bake Sweet and Salty CBD Energy Bites

Made with instant oats, almond butter, and crushed pretzels, these no-bake cookies are truly unique. CannaButter or CannaOil adds in the CBD.

Yield: 12 cookies

46. MixMe CBD Chocolate Chip Cookies

Use the famous Nestle Toll House recipe for this one, then just add nano CBD or traditional CBD oil. MixMe recommends its nano CBD, stating that it withstands the high temperatures better. Each cookie contains about 3 mg CBD.

Yield: 3 dozen cookies

47. Lavender Lemon CBD Sugar Cookies

Try something different by combining lemon and lavender. Both ingredients help you relax and energize you at the same time. Each cookie contains about 5.5 mg of CBD.

Yield: 12 cookies

48. Almond Joy Cannabis Bliss Balls

This is another no-bake recipe filled with oatmeal, dates, and almonds with the sweet and satisfying combination of coconut and dark chocolate. They’re infused with CBD oil or a bit of cannabis coconut oil.

Yield: 24 bites

49. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Make these around Halloween time and they’re sure to be a hit! They’re made with Bluebird Botanicals’ concentrated hemp classic oil, but you can make them without it if you like. This is a healthy cookie recipe with whole-wheat flour, pumpkin puree, unsweetened applesauce, and fiber bran cereal.

Yield: Not listed

50. Vegan Mint Chip CBD Cookies

How about a soft, chewy, minty, and sweet cookie that helps you relax? Dairy-free and gluten-free, they include almond flour, coconut sugar, and mint chocolate chips.

Yield: 12 cookies

Whether you want to purchase ready-made, pre-packaged CBD cookies or try your hand at making your own tasty CBD-infused cookies at home, you’re sure to find the perfect CBD cookie products or delicious recipe on this list. Try a few to discover your favorite.