The 51 Best CBD Patches

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The Best CBD Patches

If you want to experience the possible benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), there are a lot of ways to do that. You can enjoy a CBD lollipop, drink a bottle of CBD water, eat some CBD cookies or CBD gummies, put a few drops of a CBD tincture under your tongue, vape a CBD solution—indeed, the options seem endless.

Those looking for a super convenient, almost unnoticeable method of enjoying CBD, though, may want to consider CBD patches. These are transdermal—meaning “through the skin”—solutions that contain CBD, typically in an oil or gel form. When you adhere one to your skin, it slowly releases CBD through the layers of the skin and into the bloodstream.

Patches have been used for decades as an alternative method for administering medications. You may be familiar with nicotine patches, for example, which provide reduced levels of nicotine to help smokers gradually wean themselves off the addictive substance. Birth control patches provide hormones to prevent pregnancies.

CBD patches work the same way and can be great alternatives for those who don’t want to vape or consume their CBD. Like CBD rubs, CBD patches can also be more suitable for treating pain, as you can place the patch near the painful area for fast relief. Better yet, CBD from a patch doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system—it has a more direct route to the bloodstream—so more of the medication is likely to get through to where it’s needed.

It makes sense, then, that CBD can be effectively delivered via a patch. If you’re interested in potentially easing pain, inflammation, or even anxiety via a CBD patch, check out our list of the top 51 below, which are organized by type of CBD patch and not listed in any particular order. We’ve included the details you need to choose the best option for you.

Patches with CBD Only

  1. ProMD CBD Pain Patch

ProMD CBD proudly offers these CBD infused transdermal pain patches that 240 mg of hemp-extracted CBD isolate per patch, along with 4 percent lidocaine to provide muscle cooling and pain relief. These extended-release patches continue to offer relief for up to 48 hours.

Residents in NC or CT interested in trying similar CBD pain patches can check out your local Incredible Edibles store in Hickory, NC or Glastonbury, CT.

Cost: $59.99/4 patches

  1. Nature’s Script CBD Patches

Experience soothing relief with these patches. Each contains premium CBD plus lidocaine. They’re easy to apply and can last 8-12 hours.

Cost: $19.99/2 patches

  1. Healist Relief Infused Patch

Help soothe sore muscles and joint discomfort with this CBD-infused patch. Each one contains 10 mg CBD along with menthol, arnica, turmeric oil, and ginger oil and relieves discomfort for up to 24 hours.

Cost: $40/4 patches

  1. Upstate Elevator Supply CBD Patch

Get back into life with this soothing patch. Each one contains 10 mg of Vermont-grown, 99 percent pure THC-free CBD isolate. Other ingredients include arnica and essential oils like rosemary, olive, ginger, and lemongrass.

Cost: $7.99/1 patch

  1. Uncle Bud’s Transdermal Patch

This medical-grade hydrogel patch is made to help the CBD quickly and effectively penetrate the skin. Each one includes 20 mg of CBD nano-emulsified for efficient delivery and lasts up to 48 hours. It’s also available in a 35 mg option.

Cost: $9.99/2 patches

  1. Social CBD Infused Patch

Enjoy steady support when you put this extended-release patch on your skin. Each one contains 20 mg pure CBD hemp extract, though the company also provides a 60 mg and 100 mg option. Sweat and water-resistant, the patch stays in place to provide 24 hours of relief.

Cost: $7.99/1 patch

  1. Pure Ratios Transdermal Patch

Get consistent delivery of highly bioavailable hemp extract with this long-lasting patch. Each one contains 40 mg of hemp extract and can give you up to 96 hours of relief.

Cost: $17.99/1 patch

  1. CBD Living Patch

Another long-lasting patch, this one provides up to 96 hours of extended relief. It uses water-resistant medical-grade adhesive so it doesn’t go anywhere. Each one contains 60 mg of broad-spectrum nano CBD.

Cost: $15/1 patch

  1. Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Patch

Though this brand offers a patch with THC (see below), if you prefer to use only CBD, choose this option. Each one contains 30 mg of CBD alone and provides targeted and whole-body relief for up to 12 hours.

Cost: $20/1 patch

  1. CBD Medic Hydrogel Patch

This cooling and moisturizing patch delivers serious soothing relief. Each one contains a solution blended with THC-free CBD hemp extract and hemp seed oil. It lasts up to 8 hours. Application is easy, discreet, and mess-free.

Cost: $39.99/5 patches

  1. The Good Patch Be Calm

Great for when it’s time to unwind and decompress, this patch contains 15 mg premium hemp extract along with stress-relieving ashwagandha, passionflower, and other calming ingredients.

Cost: $16/4 patches

  1. The Good Patch Hemp Queen

If you’d prefer a more balancing (rather than calming) patch, try this option from The Good Patch. Each one includes 20 mg of CBD isolate along with black pepper extract.

Cost: $120/32 patches

  1. Fleur Marché Relief, Plz.

Rebound from a tough workout or recover from daily wear and tear with this powerful blend of peppermint oil, menthol, and hemp. Each patch contains 20 mg of USDA-certified organic hemp extract grown in Santa Marta, Columbia.

Cost: $42/8 patches

  1. Hemp Lion Hemp Patch

Forget the mess of a lotion and choose this no-mess, time-released, and ultra-long-lasting patch instead. Each one contains 10 mg of hemp, 2 percent menthol, and 4 percent lidocaine. It provides relief for up to 48 hours.

Cost: $9.99/4 patches

  1. Pure Kana CBD Transdermal Patch

This isn’t just a CBD patch. It also includes a collection of moisturizing oils like coconut and sunflower to help soothe the skin and reinforce the delivery of the CBD. It contains 60 mg of CBD per patch (THC-free) with a waterproof peel-and-stick application.

Cost: $17.99/1 patch

  1. Envy CBD Relief Wrap

Wrap 50 mg of full-spectrum CBD around any painful area with this Envy product. It’s designed to relieve discomfort in various areas of the body. It also includes Centella Asiatica extract, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, and polygonum cuspidatum root extract to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation.

Cost: $44.99/3 wraps

  1. Premium CBD Pain Patch

If you’re looking for a more intense pain-relieving patch, try this one. Each patch contains 50 mg of CBD plus lidocaine and provides 8-12 hours of soothing care.

Cost: $25/2 patches

  1. Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal Patch

This award-winning patch offers a long-lasting formula of full-spectrum hemp extract with 20 mg of naturally occurring CBD, plus eucalyptus. It offers a great way to kick off your morning with a calming, plant-based blend.

Cost: $7/1 patch

  1. Rapid CBD Relief Patch

Powered by lidocaine, menthol, and CBD, this fast-acting patch provides soothing anesthetic properties to calm nerves and stop pain impulses to the brain. It penetrates deeply to help relieve muscle and tendon pain.

Cost: $24.99/2 patches

  1. Sheabrand CBD Transdermal Patch

These comfortable patches are convenient and discreet, utilizing simple time-release technology to give you up to 8 hours of therapeutic effects per day. Each patch includes certified organic CBD hemp extract.

Cost: $20/4 patches

  1. Sheabrand CBD Sole Soother

Struggle with foot pain? Try this unique patch formulated specifically to address this issue. You can wear it inside your socks and shoes, where it will deliver a controlled and consistent dose of CBD, menthol, and arnica.

Cost: $8/4 patches

  1. MÜV CBD Transdermal Patch

Ideal for those seeking a smoke-free, steady-release CBD option, this 72-hour patch may offer relief from anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and more. It does not contain THC and can even be worn in the shower.

Cost: $15/1 patch

  1. Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Patch

You’ll begin to feel the effects of this patch within 15-30 minutes of applying, according to Mary’s Medicinals. Each patch contains cannabis extract along with eucalyptus and sunflower oil, provided in a time-release formula.

Cost: $11/1 patch

  1. Champions & Legends Recover CBD Patch

Keep this patch in your gym bag so you have it ready when you need it. Each one includes 60 mg of full-spectrum organic CBD hemp extract, along with coconut oil, sunflower oil, and aloe vera.

Cost: $52.49/5 patches

  1. Pacific Roots Intensity Transdermal Patch

The Intensity line contains this brand’s largest dose of CBD at 60 mgs, along with 4 percent lidocaine. It’s a great fit for athletes and those looking for maximum comfort. It provides up to 48 hours of relief and is THC-free.

Cost: $39.95/4 patches

  1. Purity Hemp Naturals Pain Relief Patches

For use on any part of the body, these patches contain 8 mg of hemp oil extract and are made to be used as needed for relief. Directions suggest you apply at least 3 patches directly over an area of pain and to increase usage by one patch at a time until the desired results are achieved.

Cost: $28.47/15 patches

  1. Surrender Solutions Hemp Oil Pain Patch

Made in the USA, this patch uses 8-hour time-release technology so the ingredients absorb gradually through the skin. Each patch includes 100 mg of natural hemp seed oil.

Cost: $12.95/2 patches

  1. Omni-Hemp Patch

These topical patches each contain 120 mg of hemp seed oil. They can be easily cut or added to modify your dose. They’re 100 percent natural and organic and are also latex-free.

Cost: $9.99/30 patches

  1. Chill Out Hemp Oil Patch

Goodbye stress! Slap on this patch and experience the relaxing effects of 50 mg of hemp seed oil, along with 25 mg of L-theanine, 25 mg of GABA, and 100 mcg of vitamin D3. The Chill Out Hemp Oil Patch is manufactured in the USA.

Cost: $14.99/30 patches

  1. Playhair Pain Relief Patch

Formulated by professionals, this pain-relief patch is made from 100 percent natural ingredients, including 150 mg hemp extract and turmeric. It’s intended to soothe muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, and sports injuries.

Cost: $29.99/6 patches

  1. Pure Botanika Hemp Extract Pain Patch

Avoid the stomach upset of oral treatments and get your CBD through the skin instead. Each patch includes 60 mg CBD along with a menthol blend to provide whole-body relief for four days or more.

Cost: $14.99/1 patch

  1. bFine Topical Patch

Better than oils and balms, this patch gives you 20 mg of nano-enhanced hemp oil that absorbs up to 10 times faster with no mess or smell. It lasts up to 24 hours, is easy to apply and may help combat day-to-day pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Cost: $17.15/4 patches

  1. Hemp Hot Sticks Re-Lived Patch

Whether you’re on your feet all day long or enjoying a hard workout, this patch may help provide comfort. Each includes hemp oil extract, dried ginger, menthol, and more to ease stress and soothe the pain. It’s great for stiff necks, sore shoulders, backaches, and joint pain.

Cost: $9.99/28 patches

  1. Made by Hemp Patch

Looking for extended relief? Try 40 mg of hemp extract in this transdermal patch. The most potent product from this brand, it can last up to 12 hours.

Cost: $15.99/1 patch

  1. ProVent Hemp Patches

Relieve pain from arthritis, back pain, joint pain, and sore muscles with these natural hemp patches. Each one includes 3 percent of cannabis Sativa seed oil (hemp) and provides a warming sensation directly at the source of pain.

Cost: $19.99/10 patches

  1. ISO-Sport Relief

Powered by 25 mg of CBD along with lidocaine and menthol, this dynamic patch may provide fast relief from aches and pains due to arthritis, inflammation, and sore joints. It’s easy to use and THC-free.

Cost: $14.97/1 patch

  1. Life+ Greene Transdermal Patch

Enjoy soothing pain relief with these patches, each of which includes menthol, hemp oil, and omega fatty acids. These are slowly released into the bloodstream to provide anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

Cost: $49/30 patches

  1. GreenPeople Hemp Pain-Relieving Patch

Quickly relieve various pains associated with muscle strain, neck pain, arthritis, and more with this fast-acting formula. Each patch contains hemp seed extract and can last up to 12 hours.

Cost: $23.97/50 patches

  1. Be Tru Wellness Body Patch

This long-lasting analgesic patch includes menthol and lidocaine as well as full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s great for the temporary relief of muscle aches, back pain, arthritis, and joint pain.

Cost: $19.99/2 patches

  1. Trokie Triple-Strength Pain Patch

Using a combination of CBD and lidocaine, Trokie may offer relief for your muscle soreness, joint pain, and more. Each patch includes 4 percent lidocaine and 4 percent menthol, along with 25 mg of hemp oil.

Cost: $18.99/2 patches

  1. Verde Ultimate Pain Relief

This warming, high-dose patch includes 50 mcg of cobra venom, 100 mg of CBD, and 500 mg of turmeric. You won’t find any THC, though. It provides up to 8 hours of continuous relief.

Cost: $20/6 patches

  1. Easy Mensies Pain Relief Patch

Specifically designed to ease menstrual pain, this natural hemp extract topical patch provides soothing, lasting relief for up to 48 hours. Simply apply it to your lower back, legs, lower abdomen, or neck and let it go to work.

Cost: $29.99/2 patches

CBD Patches Made to Help You Sleep

  1. The Good Patch Nite Nite

Enjoy overnight relief with this patch, which includes 15 mg of premium hemp extract and 3 mg of melatonin. An extended-release formula, it lasts 8-12 hours.

Cost: $16/4 patches

  1. Ozmo Sleep+ Patch

Incorporate a better sleep routine with this time-released herbal sleep aid. It includes 10 mg of melatonin, magnesium, hemp extract, and L-theanine to help you relax and enjoy a full night’s sleep. Apply it one hour before bedtime for a better night’s sleep.

Cost: $8.95/1 patch

  1. Fleur Marché Sleep, Plz.

Like the Fleur Marché Relief, Plz. listed above, this product contains 20 mg of hemp extract in each patch, but it also includes melatonin to help you sleep. This patch is USDA certified organic.

Cost: $5.99/1 patch

  1. Premium CBD Patches for Sleep

Sometimes pain makes it difficult to get the sleep you need. Try this patch that includes 25 mg of CBD along with the sleep hormone melatonin and see if it helps. Each patch provides 8-12 hours of relief.

Cost: $25/4 patches

CBD Patches That Include THC

  1. Mary’s Medicinals Transdermal Patch

Experience the power of this new formula patch. It offers a 3:2:1 ratio of THC/CBD/CBN, taking advantage of a combination of cannabinoids for a more complete approach to pain relief. Each patch contains 30 mg total cannabinoids.

Cost: $12/1 patch

  1. Mary’s Medicinals THC-Indica Patch

Indica is an alternative species of cannabis believed to deliver sedating effects. Mary’s uses this strain in this terpene-enriched, time-released THC patch.

Cost: $11/1 patch

  1. Papa & Barkley Releaf Patch

Another combination formula, this patch provides a 1:3 ratio of CBD to THC to provide deep, targeted relief to the applied areas. It works for up to 12 hours, providing a discreet way to medicate on the go.

Cost: $15/1 patch

  1. MÜV THC Transdermal Patch

Similar to MÜV’s CBD patch above, this patch offers 72 hours of treatment and works well for those seeking a smoke-free solution. Each patch contains 20 mg of THC only.

Cost: $15/1 patch

  1. MÜV THC/CBD Transdermal Patch

If you’d like a little of both—CBD and THC—choose this option from MÜV. It also lasts 72 hours, releasing the combo solution at 0.24 mg per hour. When removed, the effects subside in 30 minutes.

Cost: $15/1 patch

Many consumers are turning to CBD patches when seeking relief from insomnia or muscle aches and pains. If you’re thinking about giving CBD a try but are looking for an easy and convenient way to take CBD, consider one the CBD patches above. Alternatively, check out our list of the best CBD rubs for more topical CBD solutions that may help alleviate aches and pains.