The 51 Best CBD Waters

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Best CBD Water

You have a lot of options today when it comes to healthy beverages. You can even find store-bought water infused with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and spices to supercharge your hydration with a few extra health benefits. Enhanced with added nutrients or not, many experts say that water is the healthiest drink to enjoy first thing in the morning. But why not get some added benefits, too? In fact, you can even get water infused with CBD to get your daily dose of CBD while staying hydrated.

Even though CBD is usually delivered as an oil (which would not mix well with water!), it can be converted into a water-soluble substance through a process called nano emulsification. This technique involves the use of an emulsifier, which is a substance that encourages the suspension of one liquid into another. Emulsifiers are widely used in food manufacturing, and most commonly help link oil and water together.

Chemically, an emulsifier has one end compatible with the oil and the other compatible with water, so it can link the two together to create a stable mixture—such as water and CBD oil.

The nano emulsification process not only combines the water and CBD oil but also causes the CBD particles to break down into smaller ones without losing their value. This improves the mixing property of the oil and makes it easier for the body to absorb. Indeed, many CBD waters provide rapid absorption of the CBD, so that you feel the effects sooner than you would with other delivery methods.

If you’re interested in trying this combination, check out our list of the top 51 CBD waters below. Some are simple CBD and water, while others are sparkling water or water mixers. We’ve included the details you need to choose the best option for you.

Sparkling CBD Water

  1. Wyld CBD Sparkling Water

Bursting with bright fruit flavor, Wyld CBD sparkling waters are infused with THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract. It delivers 25 mg CBD per serving and contains real fruit. Wyld CBD Sparkling Water is available in raspberry, blackberry, blood orange, and lemon.

Residents in NC or CT interested in trying Wyld CBD sparkling water can check out your local Incredible Edibles store in Hickory, NC or Glastonbury, CT.

Cost: $19.95/4-pack 12 oz. cans

  1. Queen City Hemp Seltzer

Queen City Hemp Seltzer contains 5 mg of CBD per serving and contain less than 0.3% THC. It contains no sugar, sodium, or artificial flavors and is vegan, calorie-free, and gluten-free. It’s available in several great flavors including blood orange, guava, lemon lavender, mango lychee, and passion fruit.

Residents in NC or CT interested in trying Queen City Hemp Seltzer can check out your local Incredible Edibles store in Hickory, NC or Glastonbury, CT.

Cost: $14.99/6-pack 12 oz. cans

  1. Cirrus CBD Sparkling Water

Cirrus CBD Sparkling Water is a zero-calorie, all-natural beverage that contains no artificial sweeteners. The company claims its unique, water-soluble Vesisorb® extract offers five times the efficacy of other hemp-based beverages. Each can contains 33 mg of hemp CBD extract, and it comes in amazing flavors including Waikiki (papaya and lychee), Kata (ginger and turmeric), Ipanema (pineapple and orange), and Key Largo (grapefruit and lime). There’s also a Pure variety for those who just want the benefits of CBD in triple-filtered water without extra flavors.

Residents in NC or CT interested in trying Cirrus CBD Sparkling Water can check out your local Incredible Edibles store in Hickory, NC or Glastonbury, CT.

Cost: $4/can

  1. MiraFlora Naturals Sparkling CBD Beverage

Drink your way to a delicious dose of calm, focus, and bliss with this flavored, sparkling water. It contains 35 mg of hemp flower extract per serving, plus vitamins and minerals and refreshing flavors. Choose from peach ginger, Tuscan blood orange, or a variety pack.

Cost: $20/4-pack 8.4 oz. cans

  1. Health Water™ Sparkling CBD Water

Infused with 72 trace minerals and nanoencapsulated, hemp-derived CBD, this sparkling water is designed to help you recover as you need to throughout the day. It’s made in the USA, with 3.5 mg of CBD per serving.

Cost: $11.98/one 16.9 oz. bottle

  1. Hemp Rain™ Flavored Sparkling Water

This zero-calorie, sodium-free seltzer water tickles the taste buds. It’s infused with nanoencapsulated, hemp-derived CBD and is THC-free. It’s available in acai blueberry, peach passion, and strawberry limeade.

Cost: $3.49/one 12 oz. bottle

  1. Bimble CBD Sparkling Water

Enjoy Vermont raw honey in this all-natural, sparkling drink made with 25 mg of calming, broad-spectrum hemp extract. Perfect for those days when you’re feeling stressed out, it’s available in grapefruit, basil, and mint; and blueberry, lemon, and ginger. This sparkling water is THC-free.

Cost: $74.99/12 bottles

  1. Upwell CBD Sparkling Water

Using natural ingredients, Upwell creates sparkling water that helps you get the most out of your day. Each serving contains 20 mg of broad-spectrum CBD extract. THC-free with zero sugar and zero calories, it’s available in cucumber, grapefruit, and lemon-lime flavors.

Cost: $74.99/12 bottles

  1. Cloud 8 Hemp Infused Seltzer

With this sparkling water, you get that classic refreshing taste without the overly sweet sugar rush. The hemp is sourced from the best U.S.-based farms and processors, with every batch tested for safety, potency, and consistency. It contains no THC.

Cost: $48/12 cans

  1. Daytrip Natural Hemp Water

Feel spontaneous and refreshed when you drink this sparkling water. Each can is infused with 10 grams of fast-acting premium hemp extract, which is readily absorbed. Containing zero sugar, it’s available in cherry, blackberry, coconut pineapple, grapefruit, lemon line, and tangerine.

Cost: $59.99/12 cans

  1. Happie Sparkling Water with Hemp

A great alternative to high-calorie sodas, this sparkling water is flavored with organic fruit extracts and pure cane sugar. It’s infused with hemp extract for an energy boost and is available in groovy grapefruit, cheery cherry candy, and sublime lemon-lime.

Cost: $32.95/12 cans

  1. Cleen Craft Sparkling Hemp Water

Designed to power your mood, Cleen Craft water features organic, plant-based components that enhance your body’s natural energy. It contains 16 mg of hemp per can, plus simple ingredients like filtered water, pure cane sugar, plant and vegetable extracts, and natural flavors. It contains 85 calories per can.

Cost: $31.99/12 cans

  1. Mountjoy Sparkling Water

Feed your healthy habits with this pure, naturally flavored sparkling water from Sonoma County, California. Infused with a fast-acting nanotonic hemp extract for fast-acting benefits, it contains zero calories and zero sugar. It’s available in black cherry, blackberry, lemon-lime, natureberry, orange, and peach.

Cost: $54.99/twelve 16 oz. bottles

  1. Wowie Hemp Sparkling Water

Use this sparkling water to relieve anxiety and de-stress. It’s infused with hemp but that’s not all. You’ll also find a mix of adaptogen substances from plants to help the body better manage stress without drowsiness. It’s available in a citrus mix, coconut strawberry, mango lime, and watermelon mint.

Cost: $19.95/four 12 oz. cans

  1. Kleer Sparkling Water

Each can of Kleer sparkling water contains 25 mg of hemp extract to boost your mood or help you recover after a workout. It contains only 15 calories and no THC, and it’s also great for those on special diets like keto, paleo, and vegan.

Cost: $55/twelve 12 oz. cans

  1. Mad Tasty Sparkling Water

Go sugar-free with Mad Tasty, which contains 20 mg of hemp extract per can. The only other ingredients are pure sparkling water and natural fruit flavors. It’s available in watermelon kiwi, grapefruit, and unicorn tears.

Cost: $60/twelve 12 oz. cans

  1. Kalo Hemp Seltzer

This feel-good seltzer is naturally flavored with strawberry watermelon and infused with 20 mg of CBD per can. It’s calm, cool, and oh so sweet. It’s also available in pomegranate peach, raspberry lime, and lemon lavender.

Cost: $16.99/four 12 oz. cans

Still CBD Water

  1. CBD Living Water

This is CBD Living’s flagship product, created in 2014. It boasts 10 mg of nano-CBD per bottle. Nanotechnology allows the CBD to pass easily through the blood membrane, creating faster effects. It’s vegan, THC-free, and made with only 100 percent hemp sourced from state-licensed farms in Oregon and Colorado.

Cost: $4.99/16.9 oz.

  1. Recess Pomegranate Hibiscus

Enjoy the tart, fruity flavor of water infused with powerful compounds that help the body and mind remain calm and balanced. Inside you’ll find broad-spectrum hemp, American ginseng, L-theanine, and lemon balm, as well as real dried hibiscus flower, lemongrass, and pomegranate.

Cost: $39.99/8-pack of 12 oz. cans

  1. NanoCraft CBD Water

Packed with 10 mg of high-quality, hemp-derived, broad-spectrum CBD, each large bottle of NanoCraft water also contains the protections of vitamin B12 and nitric oxide, as well as balancing electrolytes. It’s available in black cherry and cucumber kiwi.

Cost: $4/one 16.9 oz. bottle

  1. Hemp Living Water

Refresh with this premium drinking water infused with 100 percent natural hemp extract. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and has zero calories and no sweeteners. The bottles are BPA-free.

Cost: $72/twenty-four 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

  1. Hemp Springs Water

You won’t get any sodium or other unhealthy extras in this water, just purified pH-balanced drinking water infused with 3 mg of hemp extract per serving.

Cost: $61.50/twelve 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

  1. Good Hemp Water

Each bottle of Good Hemp Water contains 10 mg of hemp oil and 6 grams of prebiotic fiber to support healthy digestion. It contains no sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners and is available in strawberry-kiwi, cucumber mint, and lemon twist.

Cost: $67.48/twelve 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

  1. Zen Water

Each bottle of Zen Water has 10 mg of a proprietary hemp extract solution along with sugar-free natural spring water. Sourced from Texan artesian springs, it’s great for combat sports, weightlifters, and gym-goers.

Cost: $44.99/six 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

  1. Social Water by CBD Social

CBD Social’s Social Water tastes just like water only with a refreshing hint of natural flavor. It contains full-spectrum CBD oil and artesian water and is available in Arnold Palmer, strawberry watermelon, blueberry, grape, and berry punch.

Cost: $69.99/12 bottles

  1. HMP2GO Water

Made with pure Rocky Mountain water, each bottle is infused with two servings of 30 mg of microencapsulated hemp extract. All of the hemp comes from organic certified Colorado farms. The bottling process is completed locally in Colorado. It’s available in mango, pure, and mango bergamot.

Cost: $63.48/twelve 16.9 oz. bottles

  1. Canna Nano CBD Water

This is Canna Nano’s ultra-premium CBD water. It goes through a detailed process to ensure purity and freshness and is then filtered multiple times before being bottled into a great-tasting CBD drinking water.

Cost: $7.49/one 16.9 oz. bottle

  1. RASA™ CBD Coconut Water

Naturally loaded with hydrating potassium, this flavored coconut water replenishes electrolytes lost during your wellness routine. Infused with 7.35 mg nanoencapsulated hemp CBD per serving, it’s THC-free. It contains stevia and erythritol.

Cost: $5.99/one 10 oz. bottle

  1. Dram Lemongrass Adaptogenic CBD Water

Best for those who are looking for stress relief, this sparkling water is intended to banish brain fog, improve energy levels, and unravel stress. Each can comes with 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD.

Cost: $49/twelve 12 oz. cans

  1. Hemp Hydrate

This CBD water brand has received endorsements from major athletic figures like Alex Fine and Jamal Liggin. It uses premium water purified through reverse osmosis, contains no THC, and adds a mild dose of 3 mg of hemp extract per bottle.

Cost: $42.99/twelve 16.9 oz. bottles

  1. Feeloki Enhanced Water

This water is enriched with 20 mg of CBD per bottle and contains less than 0.3 percent THC. This is plain, fresh water with no added flavors. This company does have flavored options available, including cucumber mint, cranberry revive, and watermelon renew.

Cost: $60/twelve 16 oz. bottles

  1. Canabix Wellness Water

Calm your mind and help promote gut health with this hemp + probiotic water. Made with all-natural flavors and colors, it contains just 40 calories per bottle. It’s available in lemon cucumber, dragon fruit, and peach tea.

Cost: $29.99/four 16 oz. bottles

  1. Fortress Water

Hydrate your body with premium alkaline spring water sourced from Florida. Each bottle of ionized water contains 5 mg of pure hemp extract, and the bottles are BPA-free.

Cost: $74.99/twenty-four 16 oz. bottles

  1. A88 Hemp Water

Naturally flavored and free of artificial colors, each of these water bottles contains 20 mg of high-quality, lab-tested hemp extract. One sip and you’ll be transported to a world of zesty lemon and fresh lime.

Cost: $47.88/twelve 16.9 fl. oz. bottles

CBD Drink Mixes

  1. Hemplucid CBD Water Soluble Extract

If you’d rather not spend the money on bottles of water, try this full-spectrum hemp extract. It’s made to be water-soluble, which means you can add as much or as little as you like to your water and enjoy. It’s formulated using whole-plant CBD extract, nano-enhanced for fast-acting results. It contains less than 0.3 percent THC.

Cost: $27.97/250 mg of CBD (1 fl. oz.)

  1. Oleo Coconut CBD Drink Mix

Coconuts are naturally loaded with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, plus this mix also has 25 mg of CBD per serving. Mix each serving with 12 oz. water to make the perfect post-workout CBD muscle recovery drink.

Cost: $19.99/6x packet box

  1. Joy Nutrition CBD Energy Drink Mix

Joy Nutrition CBD Energy Drink Mix aims to boost your focus and help you meet your deadlines with ease when you mix one of these packets into your water. Each packet contains 12.5 mg of CBD and 75 mg of caffeine. It’s intended to boost energy and focus and/or athletic performance.

Cost: $19.95/5x packet box

  1. Liweli Super Lemon

Feel better faster with this refreshing lemon citrus drink mix. Each serving contains 25 mg of CBD and blends easily with water. Stash a few in your gym bag or desk drawer for easy access to daily CBD relief.

Cost: $49.99/20 servings

  1. Zolt Rise

Get ready to shine with this hemp drink mix. It contains a blend of CBD isolate, antioxidants, adaptogens, and the natural boost of caffeine (73 mg) and guarana (10 mg). It’s made for boosting energy first thing in the morning.

Cost: $32/10 servings

  1. Hydro CBD Tincture

Add this nanoemulsified, water-soluble CBD tincture to your water or other beverages when you want to enjoy broad-spectrum CBD oil. It’s made with a terpene-rich, whole-plant formula from organically grown Colorado hemp and is THC-free.

Cost: $34.95/250 mg CBD (1 fl. oz.)

  1. Hugs Drink Mix

Get your pick-me-up with this great-tasting drink mix. It’s formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract, caffeine, and vitamins for a gentle start to your day or a much-needed 2:00 p.m. rescue. Simply mix it with your water. Each serving contains 12.5 mg hemp extract and 75 mg caffeine.

Cost: $22/5 packets

  1. Warrior Juice Company Water Soluble CBD Drops

Enjoy the benefits of CBD fast with this bioavailable CBD solution. Each serving (about 10 drops) contains 20 mg of CBD, but you can use less or more as you need. Add it to your water or use directly under your tongue.

Cost: $65/500 mg water-soluble CBD tincture

  1. Hemp Organics Water Enhancer

Save money by flavoring your own water. This blueberry acai water enhancer contains a synergistic blend of soluble hemp, nootropics, and B vitamins to help you focus your mind. It’s delicious and sugar-free and is also available in orange energy, and peach sleep.

Cost: $24.99/150 mg hemp isolate

  1. Wavze CBD Water Enhancer

Find all the benefits of Solu+NanoCBD packed into these extra tasty droplets. This one has a coconut flavor supercharged with a little extra zesty lime. Shake it well and squeeze it into your preferred glass of H2O. It’s seetened with stevia.

Cost: $19.99/1-pack

  1. Bliss • Me CBD Water Enhancer

Each of these water enhancers contains a blend of hemp-derived CBD and beta-caryophyllene. These ingredients work in harmony with specifically selected botanicals to help you get through your day. It’s available in various formulas, including calm, energy, focus, hangover, immunity, rescue, and sleep.

Cost: $19.99/2 fl. oz.

  1. PFX™ Immunity CBD Water Enhancer

This naturally flavored water enhancer is formulated with a powerful blend of all-natural immune-boosting ingredients, including CBD Naturals hemp-derived PhytoFX Phytocannabinoid Complex, a proprietary bioavailability maximizer. It also contains calming passionflower and valerian extracts.

Cost: $23.99/2 fl. oz.

  1. Urb Nano CBD Water Enhancer

Deliciously upgrade your water with Urb Nano CBD Water Enhancer. Each packet contains 10 mg of water-soluble nano CBD. It’s perfect for those who are on the go and is available in mango, watermelon, lemon, and blue razz.

Cost: $71.76/24 packs

  1. Guardian HempBoost™ Water Enhancer

Get your hemp boost with Guardian HempBoost™ nano amplified hemp extract. Made to be a food and beverage enhancer, it delivers 25 mg of hemp per serving.

Cost: $59.99/2 fl. oz.

  1. Boost Natural Drink Enhancer

Wusah’s Boost Natural Drink Enhancer is a hemp complex containing naturally occurring phytocannabinoids and botanical terpenes. It also contains olive oil, potassium, and vitamin E.

Cost: $30/2 fl. oz.

  1. Mellowment Everyday Low Impact Beverage Enhancer

Make your own CBD water with this low-impact enhancer. Each bottle contains about 50 servings, for a total of 150 mg of cannabinoids. It’s THC-free and water-soluble.

Cost: $55/3.69 ml

  1. Fluresh Drink Enhancer

If you want a little THC with your CBD, try this drink enhancer, as it contains both in a 1:1 ratio. Each ½-teaspoon squeeze contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg of CBD. Stir it into water or any beverage.

Cost: Check with your local retailer/20 servings per bottle