50 CBD Cooking Tips to Make Cooking More Fun

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CBD Cooking Tips

Consumers who are seeking health benefits such as stress relief and improved sleep are turning to cannabidiol, or CBD. Cooking with CBD oil not only helps to you get a daily dose of CBD, but it also makes taking it a lot more fun. CBD cooking and baking is easier than you might think. Here are some tips, tricks, and recipes to help you get started:

General CBD Cooking Tips

general cbd cooking tips

  1. Try CBD in both sweet and savory items. Many recipes that include CBD oil tend to focus on desserts and sweets because it’s easier to cover up the bitterness of CBD with sugar or other sweeteners. However, CBD oils can be just as delicious when paired with savory dishes.
  2. CBD needs to be infused into a fat or oil-based ingredient. For the most part, CBD oil needs to be mixed with a fat, such as butter, coconut oil, or olive oil, before you can begin using it for cooking.
  3. Watch the temperature when cooking with CBD. When cooking with CBD, keep in mind that high temperatures can burn off some of the cannabidiol, which can result in a loss of potency. Instead, stick to cooking temperatures below 350 degrees.
  4. Start small and work your way up. One of the biggest CBD cooking mistakes people make is adding too much CBD oil to their recipes right off the bat. Instead, only add a little and see how it tastes. You can always add more later.
  5. Use a flavorless CBD tincture in cooking. When using CBD in cooking, consider picking a flavorless option to preserve the taste of the food you are preparing. CBD isolate and tinctures are a great option since these often come in flavorless varieties.
  6. Keep the overall dosage in mind. When cooking with CBD, you want to make sure you get the right dosage. Pick the right product for you and use the recommended amount so you can ensure you’re getting the proper dosage.
  7. The quality of your CBD matters. When you prepare a home-cooked meal, you want to ensure you’re using the finest-quality ingredients, and the same goes for your CBD oil. The purity and source of your CBD matters.
  8. Storage of CBD is also important. Direct sunlight and high temperatures may lower the potency of your CBD. Store your CBD oil in a cupboard that is not exposed to a lot of heat and keep it out of the reach of kids.

CBD Breakfast Recipes & Cooking Tips

CBD breakfast recipes & cooking tips

  1. CBD makes a great addition to a morning yogurt parfait. This recipe is made with blueberries, Greek yogurt, and granola. The CBD is mixed in with honey for optimal absorption and flavor.
  2. Your morning smoothie is even better with CBD. Combine CBD oil with mango, banana, ginger, turmeric, and coconut water for a breakfast smoothie that potentially puts a big pep in your step.
  3. Adding CBD to a smoothie bowl is a healthy way to boost your mornings. This recipe combines blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, and almond milk with CBD for the perfect well-rounded breakfast.
  4. Elevate a breakfast sandwich with CBD. Breakfast sandwiches are morning staples, but this recipe takes an ordinary sandwich to new heights with the addition of CBD oil. It even includes homemade biscuits that are easier to make than you’d think.
  5. Add CBD to hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict. A simple hollandaise sauce is elevated thanks to CBD oil in this recipe. It’s just what the doctor called for on a slow-paced Sunday morning.
  6. Make a frittata that wows your friends. A goat cheese and asparagus frittata sounds like a treat, but it’s even better when it’s infused with CBD oil. Save this recipe for your next brunch and impress your friends.
  7. CBD-infused muffins brighten up any morning. This basic muffin recipe may be modified to suit your tastes and preferences. In this recipe, each muffin contains 40 mg CBD, but you may add more or less based on your daily needs.
  8. Cinnamon rolls are made even better with CBD. These vegan cinnamon rolls are made even better with CBD tincture added into the frosting. Be sure to keep an eye on the dosage, because they’re so delicious, you’re bound to eat the whole tray.

Lunch & Dinner Recipes & Cooking Tips

CBD lunch & dinner recipes & cooking tips

  1. Skip delivery and opt for CBD-infused pizza. Made with sausage and fresh tomato, this pizza is low FODMAP and infused with your favorite CBD oil. Use a frozen crust to save yourself a few extra steps.
  2. CBD oil enhances a juicy turkey burger. This turkey burger with CBD bacon jam recipe turns a regular turkey burger into a real treat. Make a few to share with your friends at your next backyard barbeque.
  3. Turn your average roasted chicken into a CBD-infused treat. This hearty infusion recipe combines CBD with a subtly spicy pueblo green chicken chili. Yum!
  4. Try a regular pot of chili topped with CBD-infused sour cream. Try a different take on chili and add some CBD to the sour cream you add on top. This recipe makes it super easy and delicious.
  5. What’s better than tacos? CBD-infused tacos! This recipe makes CBD tacos quick and easy. Just shred up some rotisserie chicken and add to tortillas, along with beans, guacamole, and CBD oil.
  6. Add CBD to your pasta sauce. CBD oil only enhances this pasta sauce made from tomato puree, tomato paste, minced beef, and parmesan cheese. Use it for your favorite pasta dishes, such as baked ziti, manicotti, and so much more.
  7. Make CBD-infused stew. This stew is perfect for mushroom lovers and anyone who loves CBD. It replaces regular olive oil with CBD for a subtle hint of CBD flavor.
  8. Breathe new life into an old classic. There’s nothing more classic than grilled cheese and tomato soup paired together for lunch. This recipe breathes new life into the old classic by adding a dollop of CBD-infused coconut oil into the soup. Delish!
  9. CBD elevates vegetable soup. Packed with veggies, such as carrots, leeks, celery, and cabbage, this winter vegetable soup gets a little kick thanks to CBD oil added in at the end. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a chilly evening.
  10. CBD makes lasagna even more hearty and delicious. This recipe uses CBD-infused marinara sauce to make the most delicious CBD-infused lasagna. Serve with bread and salad for an epic pasta party.
  11. Lemon garlic salmon makes a perfect backdrop for CBD. CBD is added to a delectable lemon garlic sauce in this recipe. It makes for a decadent meal atop a perfectly cooked salmon fillet.
  12. CBD-infused fish tacos bring the flavors of the west coast to your home. In this fish taco recipe, CBD is added to both the fish coating and the cooking oil. Lime juice, cilantro, and purple cabbage lend some So-Cal flavor.
  13. Pair shrimp scampi with CBD. This CBD oil-infused cilantro-lime shrimp scampi is tangy and tasty. Pair it with your favorite pasta and a salad for a light summer meal.

CBD Recipes & Cooking Tips for Sides & Condiments

CBD recipes & cooking tips for sides & condiments

  1. CBD-infused spinach rice makes a hearty Mediterranean side dish. This recipe combines CBD with a Mediterranean favorite, spinach rice. All you need is rice, chicken broth, spinach, and some spices, and you’re good to go.
  2. Try CBD-infused guacamole. Combine avocado, lime, tomatoes, and spices for a delicious CBD-infused guacamole. Try it with some tortilla chips at your next game night.
  3. Kick up your hot sauce with CBD. Roasted red chilies, garlic, and Romano peppers provide this CBD-infused hot sauce with a deep depth of flavor.
  4. Enhance your peanut butter with CBD. All it takes to make this CBD-infused peanut butter is a jar of your favorite peanut butter, a double broiler, and some CBD oil.
  5. CBD makes a great strawberry sauce. Fresh strawberries, honey, and CBD oil combine for a divine blend of flavors in this scrumptious strawberry sauce recipe. Serve it over ice cream or use it to top pancakes or crepes.
  6. CBD blends in with rich and creamy risotto like it’s meant to have been there all along. Due to its savory and rich texture, risotto is the perfect dish to incorporate CBD. This recipe keeps it simple, easy, and delicious.
  7. Dress up some faux-tatoes. Creamy pureed cauliflower is mixed with butter and cream to make “faux” mashed potatoes that are kicked up a notch due to CBD oil. This recipe is the perfect side dish to pair with your favorite steak or chicken recipe.
  8. CBD-infused butter makes a perfect addition to any recipe. CBD butter can be added in the place of butter in practically any recipe (or just slathered on top of bread). This recipe breaks down the simple steps in making your own.

CBD Dessert Recipes & Cooking Tips

CBD dessert recipes & cooking tips

  1. Whip up a batch of CBD cupcakes by swapping out the oil with CBD. This recipe replaces the regular oil you’d add to any cupcake recipe with CBD oil. The result is a light and fluffy CBD-infused cupcake that’s simply divine.
  2. CBD elevates your average tray of brownies. This delectable brownie recipe is made even better with the addition of CBD oil.
  3. Try CBD-infused Rice Krispies treats. Kick regular Rice Krispies treats up a notch with some CBD oil. This recipe is a vegan take on the classic popular favorite, using coconut butter, maple syrup, coconut flakes, and CBD oil instead of marshmallows.
  4. The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is made even sweeter with CBD. This recipe takes a regular tray of brownies, adds some CBD oil, and tops it with a decadent peanut butter fudge and ganache topping.
  5. CBD can even revamp an American classic. Try apple pie infused with CBD oil. This recipe adds CBD to the pie crust, apple filling, and even the whipped cream. Enjoy!
  6. Cookie bars are even more fabulous with CBD. Made with graham crackers, chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut, caramel, and CBD, these cookie bars have everything you may want in a sweet treat.
  7. Make vanilla bean cupcakes with a surprise strawberry filling. These cupcakes have a secret surprise. They’re filled with decadent strawberry filling that’s infused with CBD!
  8. CBD-infused carrot cake is not your grandma’s recipe. This recipe adds CBD to a sweet and tasty carrot cake for a delicious dessert that may leave you feeling more relaxed and at ease.
  9. CBD rounds out energy bites. Energy bites are typically packed with protein and fiber to give you a boost of energy. When CBD is added in this recipe, the result is even more delicious!

CBD Beverage Recipes & Cooking Tips

CBD beverage recipes & cooking tips

  1. Rich and creamy eggnog is brought to a whole new level with CBD. Who says eggnog is just for the holidays? It’s delicious every day, especially with the addition of CBD in this easier-than-pie recipe.
  2. Elevate your favorite mocktails with CBD oil. Mint leaves, cranberry juice, and sparkling water are added to CBD tincture for a delectably sippable mocktail in this fun recipe.
  3. CBD hot chocolate is a snap to make. This CBD hot chocolate recipe has only a few ingredients, is very easy to make, and may be altered to include your favorite add-ins and flavors.
  4. Add fermenting CBD-infused kombucha to your wheelhouse. Home-fermentation might seem intimidating, but kombucha is actually pretty easy to make. All you need is a SCOBY, some black tea, and your favorite CBD oil.

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