Delivery of Low THC and CBD Products in CA

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Delivery of Low THC and CBD Products in CA

As of July 2019, California had licensed about 150 companies to legally deliver cannabis and CBD right to consumers’ doorsteps. To keep those licenses, companies must undergo required training on track-and-trace systems and credentialing. In November 2019, the Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) temporarily suspended the permits of 407 cannabis companies that had failed to meet these requirements, including the permits of 61 delivery services. Those suspensions can be lifted after companies complete the required steps to comply.

While regulatory compliance can be challenging for companies in any industry, in the cannabis industry, ensuring that all companies are implementing the required track-and-trace steps and sharing their inventory data is necessary for state regulators to monitor the state’s cannabis supply chain. Despite this bit of regulatory red tape, cannabis delivery is an area in which companies have an opportunity to step up their game and reach a larger consumer base in California.

Is California the Only State Allowing Cannabis Delivery?

While California is the only state to fully legalize cannabis delivery so far, other states are beginning to loosen restrictions on deliveries or have pending legislation related to cannabis delivery. Colorado, for instance, recently passed House Bill 1234, which would allow recreational cannabis delivery starting in 2021, and Nevada allows contracted employees from dispensaries to deliver cannabis to consumers’ homes, but not to establishments like restaurants or casinos. In Oregon, retailers who have a permit can deliver cannabis to consumers age 21 and older who live in the same city or area where the shop they’re purchasing from is located.

While the tide is beginning to turn in some additional states, currently, no other state compares to California when it comes to convenient access to cannabis delivery services. In California, a consumer can visit a slick, tech-savvy website, select the products they wish to purchase, pay online, and receive their cannabis in their hands in as little as 30 minutes to two hours.

How Tos of low THC and CBD product delivery
The How-Tos of Cannabis Delivery

The procedure for cannabis delivery is pretty straightforward. Consumers simply upload a photo of their driver’s license, choose the products they wish to purchase, and place their order online. While some companies accept payment online, most delivery services collect cash at the doorstep. Delivery drivers must verify the customer’s ID at the door to be sure it matches the order. Then they simply hand over the order and accept a tip for a job well done. Of course, menus, service areas, speed of delivery, and minimum orders all vary based on the individual delivery company.

Benefits of Cannabis Delivery

Cannabis delivery is particularly appealing to certain types of consumers. Here are the main types of consumers who are craving quick cannabis delivery right to their doorstep:

  • Busy professionals. Busy office workers may not have the time to browse the shelves at retail stores, stand in line, and pay for their product. Once these consumers know what kind of low-THC or CBD products they like and prefer, they can simply order it online, and have it arrive on their doorstep before they finish another conference call. Not only does cannabis delivery save them the hassle of driving to the store in California traffic, it also saves a ton of time. And, in today’s fast paced lifestyle, time always equals money.
  • The disabled. A growing number of disabled consumers are turning to low-THC and CBD for its potential ability to reduce pain and increase feelings of happiness and ease. However, they don’t always have the ability to drive to a retail location or shop at the store, so they rely on delivery services to have access to their favorite low-THC and CBD products.
  • Likewise, some seniors may have trouble getting to the store. Also, many seniors are dipping their toes into CBD and low-THC products for the first time. Online shopping affords them the opportunity to try different products, find the option that best suits their situation, and place an order without having to leave the comfort of their homes.
  • Those who wish to avoid retail store. Some people are just too shy to go into a retail store to purchase low-THC or CBD products. Maybe they don’t know what they’re looking for, but don’t want to seem uninformed. Others may be concerned about the stigma associated with cannabis. In either case, delivery allows them to pursue products, pick out what they like, and order it right from their homes.
  • Anyone looking for convenience. There’s nothing more convenient than getting tested and pure CBD or low-THC products delivered to your doorstep within 30 minutes of ordering. Plus, tech-savvy services make it super easy and seamless to place an order, enter a delivery address, and upload an ID. Though ordering cannabis products online may not be as fun as perusing the aisles of a retail store, it can’t be beat when it comes to convenience.

the market is wide open for low thc products

The Market is Wide Open for Low THC Products

When it comes to the types of products offered on cannabis delivery services’ websites, you’ll typically see the same types of offerings: flowers, prerolls, vape juice, extracts, consumables, tinctures, CBD products, and more. Most cannabis consumables offered by delivery services clock in at about 10 mg per serving. Low-THC consumables in the 2.5 to 5 mg per serving range aren’t as prevalent as higher-dose options, especially when it comes to delivery services – at least not yet.

Low-THC consumables are also convenient, especially for the types of consumers who are typically drawn to cannabis delivery. Low-dose THC consumables offer the benefits of cannabis without the possible unwanted side effects consumers may be trying to avoid with higher doses, such as anxiety or sleepiness. They’re a great starting place for new cannabis users, because they provide the ability to “stack” the dose. In other words, consumers can get as little or as much THC as they want, depending on their needs. Low-THC consumables offer the perfect low dose options for those uncertain and hesitant to try cannabis. There’s a big gap in the marketplace when it comes to delivery of low-THC products, and it’s waiting for the right company to step in and take charge.

Delivery of cannabis and CBD products in California is only in its infancy. Expect to see this market truly take off as more consumers find that the convenience online shopping and delivery just can’t be beat. Additionally, expect to see more and more states expand their own cannabis delivery options. California won’t be the only state with widespread cannabis delivery options for very long.