Edible Trademark Spurs Transition into Hemp Extract

By February 12, 2020 November 12th, 2020 No Comments
Edible Trademark Spurs Transition

In a recent article by Forbes, as Edible Arrangements enters the CBD and hemp extract market, there is a distinct secret weapon. Yes, Edible Arrangements maintains a long-standing trademark of the word “edible” and related terms. Of course, CBD edibles is a well known term for those interested in the product.

As Forbes notes, Edible Arrangements takes pride in the brand name and defends the trademark via an IP affiliate established in 2013, which owns a portfolio of Edible-related terms. As a result, Edible Arrangements maintains a “legal foothold on terms like “Edible” because they have been distinctive identifiers of its name and offerings since inception.”

In the development of the Incredible Edibles brand and product line, Edible Arrangements has a unique advantage in the competitive marketplace. Based on their portfolio of trademarks, which includes common law trademarks, ultimately, the Incredible Edibles brand has the ability to use the term Edible in a capacity that competitors cannot.

Following the 2016 legalization of cannabis in California, Farid, initially rejected the idea of associating the Edible brand with cannabis. However, as the team continued to learn more about the cannabis space, he noted “If you keep hearing the word ‘mom’ in customer stories, it’s a pretty strong sign that your business should play catch up.”

So, armed with some unique IP rights and a plan, Farid and Edible Arrangements look to extend their brand values as Incredible Edibles develops.

“We have a trademark on the word edible and so we saw an opportunity, but we don’t believe anything that gets you high should be in food. I think (CBD) is no different than adding kale to a smoothie for health and a health focus works for our consumer.”