31 Nutritionists and Health & Fitness Experts Share the Healthiest Drinks to Enjoy in the Morning

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what is the healthiest morning drink

People enjoy a variety of beverages first thing in the morning, from coffee to tea, smoothies packed with superfoods, fruit and vegetable juices, kombucha, and more. Most health experts agree that beginning the day with something that’s good for your body is the key not only to a great, productive day but also to overall health and well-being.

But with many healthy beverages that boost immunity and offer other health benefits, those who are trying to maintain a clean eating lifestyle or consume an overall healthier diet often wonder what the healthiest drink is to consume every morning to fuel their bodies (and minds) for the day ahead.

There are many tips to follow, such as avoiding drinks that are high in sugar and not overdoing it on caffeine. To help you cut through the noise and identify the best and healthiest drinks to consume to start your day off right, we reached out to a panel of nutritionists and health & fitness experts and asked them to answer this question:

“What is the healthiest drink in the morning?”

Meet Our Panel of Nutritionists and Health & Fitness Experts:

●      Ben Rose

●      Sonka Braunova

●      Heather Hanks

●      Joe Johnson

●      Sarah Turino

●      Max Whiteside

●      Nick Urban

●      Bonnie Flemington

●      Sophie Elwood

●      Emily Countryman

●      Trista Best

●      Jeff Parke

●      Jay Cowin

●      Lisa Richards

●      Josh Schlottman

●      Hollie King

●      Shawn Lockery

●      Megan Swan

●      Ahmed Helmy

●      Jason Reed

●      Simon Slavssen

●      Gigi Carter

●      Dr. Len Lopez

●      Lynn Gantner

●      Varsha Khatri

●      Dr. Bill Cole

●      Darryl Higgins

●      Tuula Vartiainen

●      Charles LaRosa

●      Rita Boreczky

●      Violet Ostuni

Read on to learn what our experts had to say about the healthiest drinks you should enjoy to start your morning off right.

NOTE: The information and opinions expressed below represent the opinions of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Incredible Edibles.

Ben Rose


Benjamin Rose is the Co-founder of Trainer Academy.

“Drinking water in the morning is a great way to start the day…”

It’s vital for keeping hydrated and flushing out pollutants that have gathered throughout the night. Water also improves blood flow, which is necessary after a night of not moving. A couple of glasses of water and some physical activity are the perfect ways to start the day. A walk would be ideal.

Sonka Braunova


Sonka Braunova is a Registered Nutritional Therapist, NLP & TimeLine Therapy Practitioner, and The Leader of Macclesfield Women’s Business Club.

“Water always comes first for me…”

I recommend luke warm water with a slice of lemon.

Alternatively, any unsweetened herbal tea is a lovely start to a day.

Heather Hanks


Heather Hanks is a M.S. Nutritionist at Heather holds an MS in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) and specializes in holistic nutrition, gut health, and chronic disease management. She believes in using food as medicine and that good health starts with a healthy gut. She enjoys creating anti-inflammatory recipes and spending time in the kitchen, learning all things about food.

“Water is the best thing you can drink first thing in the morning, but you can further enhance your water by adding lemon…”

Drinking water first thing in the morning is important because you have been fasting overnight while you sleep. Water helps rehydrate you and gets your digestion going again.

Adding lemon provides detoxifying antioxidants and vitamin C. If you’re a coffee drinker, then make sure you drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning to ensure you stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, decreased concentration levels, the inability to focus, and headaches — everything you don’t want to deal with as you try to start your day!

Joe Johnson


Joe is an online coach and qualified personal trainer of 15 years who helps busy, professional men and women lose weight and build muscle. He also blogs about sustainable weight-loss strategies in his spare time on his blog, 9-to-5-nutrition.

“’Healthy’ is an ambiguous term, and what’s healthiest for you really depends on your goals…”

And your preferences — a healthy diet means including foods you love! I have a smoothie I like to make most mornings which pretty much covers all the bases. This smoothie is high in protein, fiber, and micronutrients, plus it tastes great and it’ll fill you up!

Here are the ingredients;

  • 50g of raw oats
  • Half a banana
  • A handful of frozen blueberries
  • A scoop of protein powder (strawberry or any other berry flavors works well for this)
  • 150ml semi-skimmed milk (depending on how thick you like your smoothies)

If you’re vegan, you can swap the whey protein for a vegan powder like pea protein and substitute oat milk for the milk.

Put everything in a Nutri-Bullet (or another blender) and whiz it up for about 10-15 seconds.

The frozen blueberries and cold milk make this smoothie taste like ice cream, and the chilly kick will really wake you up. It has a great balance of protein, carbohydrates, and a little fat, and the fiber will keep you full until lunch!

Sarah Turino

Sarah Turino is the CEO/Founder of The Whole Woman Wellness Formula.

“I recommend a glass of water with a spritz of lemon or lemon juice first thing in the morning…”

Some of the benefits include:

  • It helps to hydrate you after a full night of sweating and respiration.
  • It increases mental clarity.
  • Hydration helps you move better.
  • It aids in digestion.

Max Whiteside


Max Whiteside leads the Community Engagement team at, a strength sports and training website with ~3 million visitors a month.

“There are so many solid choices…”

The healthiest drink in the morning is the drink that supports YOUR goals and of course dietary restrictions. For me, my go-to healthy breakfast drink is quick peanut butter, spinach, and banana smoothie. It gives me a great boost in the morning while also allowing me to sneak in a serving or so of veg to my kids. They are all under 6, so this is a huge benefit of this drink for my family! If I was only concerned with making myself happy, I would be drinking this keto recipe we wrote about last year:

The Eye-Opener

This is a classic keto drink that provides a hit of caffeine, plenty of medium-chain triglycerides, and a smooth, creamy flavor that makes for a really tasty way to start the day.


  • 1 cup iced coffee
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp MCT oil
  • 1 Tbsp ghee
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)

Because it’s cold, we used ghee so that it doesn’t separate as easily as butter — simply blend it all and go.

Calories: 235

Fat: 28.5g

Carbs: 1g

Protein: 1g

Need more? Add a scoop of unflavored whey protein isolate for about 25 grams of protein and 120 or so extra calories.

Nick Urban


Nick Urban is a Performance Health Coach and Integrated Movement Scientist at Nick coaches executives, athletes, and high-achievers to operate at their peak potential.

“Concocting a morning drink with the right ingredients is one of the easiest ways to look, feel, and perform your best…”

We lose 1-1.5 pounds of water while asleep. Research suggests that just 2 percent dehydration disrupts blood vessels in a way that’s equivalent to smoking a cigarette.

Consuming a tall glass of a morning hydrating drink signals to your body that it’s not in danger and allows stress hormones to normalize.

My favorite healthy morning drink optimizes the brain and body. It includes:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar
  • 1 dash of trace minerals

Water alone does not effectively hydrate.

In order for the body to use water, it needs electrolytes. High-quality sea salt contains a surprising dose of not only sodium but also other essential trace minerals. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and acetate, which the brain can use to build a super fuel source called ketones, resulting in mental clarity, reduced cravings, and faster weight loss. I also add a liquid trace minerals supplement to further increase the electrolytes in the water and to get more of a critical resiliency-promoting mineral called magnesium.

The right morning drink primes the body and brain for maximum performance. It’s often the overlooked key to peak health.

Bonnie Flemington


Bonnie Flemington, CNP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner who consults with individuals and groups to support them on diet and lifestyle strategies to successfully manage their weight, energy, and digestion and to reduce the pain of inflammation in the body so they can fully participate in their active lifestyle.

“The healthiest drink to start your day is water…”

When we wake up in the morning, we haven’t had anything to drink for about 8 hours while we slept, so we are often reaching for something to drink. Reaching for 1 to 2 cups of water at this time helps us to get a head start on our daily hydration needs. Many of my clients have trouble remembering to get enough water throughout the day, and they have found that this tip gives them a win early in the day that keeps them encouraged and motivated to continue to hydrate as the day goes on.

Some of the key reasons we want to stay well hydrated are because it supports the body in regulating body temperature, lubricating joints, supporting sleep and mood, and delivering nutrients to and removing waste products from cells. While we can hydrate with other beverages or foods with high water content, water is still the best way to access the hydration we need.

Sophie Elwood


Sophie Elwood is the Nutrition Coordinator for Exante. She is a Registered Associate Nutritionist specializing in weight management and type 2 diabetes and is Exante’s in-house nutritionist.

“There’s no right or wrong drink to have in the morning, much like the rest of the day…”

Everyone is different, and what suits one person may not suit another.

When we wake up in the morning, we’ve usually gone for quite a long time without drinking any fluids. The most important thing is to rehydrate and continue to stay hydrated throughout the day. I say fluid because this doesn’t have to be water. Tea, coffee, low-fat milk (and alternatives), and sugar-free drinks all count too.

Most people find they can’t get out of bed without a mug of coffee or tea. That’s fine, there’s nothing unhealthy about that. In fact, for many years research has suggested coffee and tea are good sources of antioxidants. The problem is when we’re having too many caffeinated drinks or when we’re adding lots of sugar, syrups, and cream. It’s best to aim for no more than 4 or 5 mugs a day, try not to add too much sugar, and stick to semi-skimmed milk.

It’s best to limit your intake of sugary, fizzy drinks – including juice. While it may count as one of your five a day, one serving of juice is 150ml, and it’s easy to drink much more than that (it’s better to just eat the fruit whole). Often these drinks provide lots of calories but little nutritional benefit.

Emily Countryman


Emily Countryman is the founder and CEO of Ideal Wellness.

“Ideally, the best drink to have first thing in the morning would be a tall glass of water with some sea salt and lemon…”

The combination of those three ingredients is going to give you many benefits to start out your day.

Sea salt is an important electrolyte that helps you become more hydrated, and it aids in your digestion too. If you’re doing it every day, you’ll have an easier time digesting foods throughout your week.

Lemon is very alkaline which helps with the pH levels in your body. It might seem like a lemon would be acidic, but when it’s in the body, it’s going to help with the pH. Typically, people are more acidic than they are alkaline, and this helps them become more alkaline. Additionally, it has the benefit of vitamin C, which is going to help boost your immune system and overall health.

This trio is a quick and easy way to start your day before getting to your morning coffee, tea, or protein shake.

Trista Best


Trista Best is a Registered Dietitian at Balance One Supplements, an Environmental Health Specialist, and Adjunct Nutrition Professor.

“Most of us know that the body is made up of a significant amount of water, 60 percent to be exact, but that is about as far as our understanding of hydration goes…”

Because the body contains more water than any other element, staying hydrated is important to just about every body system.

Proper hydration impacts our cognitive function and energy in a major way. Studies have found that even a mild form of dehydration, 1-3 percent, can impair brain function. This includes mood, energy, concentration, and memory. Slight dehydration can create feelings of anxiety and increase headaches.

These side effects alone make a significant impact on overall quality of life. Therefore, drinking a hydrating beverage first thing in the morning will ensure you are taking in an adequate amount of fluid for adequate hydration.

Adding lemon to your water may mean you actually desire to drink more and achieve your unique hydration needs. Lemon water has also been shown to support weight loss by improving insulin resistance and digestion.

Jeff Parke


Jeff Parke is the Owner of Top Fitness Magazine, a lifestyle brand that provides information about fitness, nutrition, weight loss, motivation, and much more.

“Water is the best drink not only for the morning but for all-day hydration…”

That doesn’t mean that you have to sit with a cold glass of water over and over again. Add lemon or other fruits or herbs for some flavor.

Lemon contains vitamin C, which helps boost your immune system, and adding mint or cucumber can help with swelling (and promote weight loss). On a cold day, heat your water and make your tea with fresh herbs.

Jay Cowin


Jay Cowin is ASYSTEM’s Registered Nutritionist and Director of Formulations.

“It is very important to drink water as soon as you wake up in the morning…”

Your body is already in a state of dehydration, and in order to kickstart your metabolism and give you the fuel you need, 16 ounces is best to start your day.

Drinking water when you wake up helps to rid toxins from your blood. It boosts your metabolism. It also makes nutrient absorption easier so that when you eat breakfast, you’re getting everything you need from the food.

It’s also important to know that once you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. You need to drink first thing in the morning and throughout the day.

Studies have been conducted that show that drinking coffee first can have a negative effect on blood sugar, which is problematic for diabetes and the heart. Have coffee after breakfast and after you’ve had a few glasses of water.

Lisa Richards


Lisa Richards is a nutritionist and author of The Candida Diet. She has been featured on Today, US News, Women’s Health magazine, Huffington Post, Healthline, the San Francisco Chronicle, Reader’s Digest, Lifehack, Insider, and Well+Good, among others.

“Turmeric is a natural and effective anti-inflammatory compound…”

This characteristic makes it effective in reducing chronic pain, mitigating joint pain, and helping to improve the quality of life for individuals with various forms of arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Turmeric makes a delicious tea with these added benefits.

Turmeric is also known for its antioxidant potential. This characteristic enables it to fight free radicals and remove toxins from the body. Free radicals can damage our body’s cells leading to various chronic conditions, including cancer. In this way, turmeric can be effective in preventing or mitigating many of these illnesses.

One cup of turmeric tea contains approximately 1 tsp of turmeric. Each teaspoon contains about 200 mg of turmeric, and 400 to 600mg is considered a safe dose. With this in mind and the fact that turmeric is absorbed best during a fasted state, drinking 2-3 cups a day is ideal, before each meal.

Josh Schlottman


Josh holds a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science. He’s a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He’s worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the high school and college level. He has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

“Drink coffee first thing in the morning…”

Coffee is without a doubt one of the healthiest drinks to have in the morning, as long as you’re making it right. We all love coffee for its morning caffeine boost, and this will also jumpstart your fat-burning metabolism for the day. Coffee also contains antioxidants that fight off damage-causing free radicals in your body. You’ll be much healthier and will drop some pounds by drinking coffee instead of orange juice in the morning. Just make sure you keep the sugar out of your morning cup of joe to reap all the benefits.

Hollie King

Hollie King is a wellness specialist and founder of Sweet Bee Organics. In 2019, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her success in overcoming cancer through holistic means has further fueled her to expand her brand and bring wellness to the world.

“Medicinal mushrooms have been huge for boosting my health and overall wellness and have even kept my bout of cervical cancer in remission…”

They make for delicious drinks when well blended with other ingredients, and their health benefits are vast, from boosting energy, immunity, mental clarity, anti-aging, hormone balancing, and promoting calm, to delivering more oxygen and boosting blood circulation in your body. In order to find a way to make them more accessible to others, I formulated a wonderful healing drink, Inner Wisdom Balance, which includes some of the top medicinal mushrooms and other delicious and nourishing ingredients. It’s a wonderful morning drink to boost wellness in your whole body.

Shawn Lockery


Shawn Lockery is the Co-founder and CTO of InVivo Biosystems.

“After getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of warm boiled water or brackish water is better for the human body…”

When getting up in the morning, you haven’t had much if anything to drink all night, so the body fluid will be concentrated, and there will be a slight water shortage. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement water immediately.

Also, because there is no eating at night, the stomach’s digestive function is not stimulated, and the gastric juice is relatively concentrated. Drinking warm boiled water or light saltwater at this time can help dilute the gastric juice and stimulate the peristaltic function of the gastrointestinal tract, which is conducive to subsequent breakfast and activities.

Megan Swan


Megan is a Wellness + Mindset Coach specializing in helping professional women have more natural energy so that they can reach their peak performance in all areas of their lives throughout their day.

“The absolute first thing you should be consuming every morning…”

After you have brushed your teeth and cleared the toxins out of your mouth that your body worked so hard all night to process out of your system, is drink water. Water with lemon is even better. A splash of lemon gently wakes up our digestion and aligns with our biorhythms that focus on elimination first thing in the morning. If you don’t have access to fresh lemons, I often use a drop of lemon essential oil. Make sure it is high quality and designed for consumption. Twenty minutes later you can transition into your regular routine, which might look like coffee, chai tea, or a matcha latte (some of my favorites)! Skip the sweetener and add a pinch of cinnamon or ginger and some coconut milk instead.

Ahmed Helmy


Ahmed Helmy is an editor at He is a licensed doctor of medicine and a plastic surgeon. He has dealt with a large variety of patients over the years, allowing him to gain experience with different conditions and complaints.

“There are actually quite a few drinks I enjoy having in the morning…”

It usually depends on the day ahead, but overall, I find that coconut water is a great choice. Coconut water was a craze at one point, but then quickly went from a boom to something that people don’t even recognize anymore.

The thing is, there was a reason coconut water became so popular — it’s packed with some of the most essential nutrients our bodies need in the morning. Think of it as a kickstart to your day. Some people say they can’t handle the taste of coconut water, but those are probably the ones who haven’t really explored the vast variety of options that are available.

Coconut water is also packed with antioxidants. This means you can literally start the day fighting off harmful toxins and free radicals that may be lurking in your body.

Jason Reed


Jason is a Doctor of Pharmacy who has extensive experience in the Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) industry as well as Health Information Technology (HIT). His growing blog, BestRxForSavings, is his passion, which is to be a patient medication advocate. The goal is to create consumerism in healthcare that is sorely lacking today.

“There are a few options for healthy drinks in the morning for which research has shown health benefits…”

Coffee and green tea are two of the most beneficial as long as they have no other added sugars, which take away from their health benefits. However, the healthiest thing you can do in the morning is to drink a fruit smoothie. One that incorporates 1 cup of frozen berries (including blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries) will be high in vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants.

Add a scoop of organic protein powder to give you a macronutrient boost that will not spike insulin and create the feeling of fullness. Blend this together with 8 ounces of water and 8 ounces of nut milk, and you will have a great start to the day that is high in vitamins and minerals and low in high glycemic index carbohydrates. Based on your individual situation, you can also add other vitamins or minerals to further tailor this healthy breakfast just for you.

Simon Slavssen

Simon Slavssen is the Editor-in-chief at TestosteroNerd. Simon has been involved in public health for over 3 years. He works as an assistant professor at the preventative medicine department of the Faculty of Public Health. Currently, he is finishing a Ph.D. dissertation titled “The Informed Choice of Dietary Supplements as a Problem of Health Literacy and Health Promotion.”

“A glass of cold or room temperature water is my personal favorite as the healthiest morning drink…”

Water consumption has a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Flushes out toxins
  • Provides adequate hydration
  • Improves skin health
  • Supports the digestive system
  • Assists in kidney function

Keep in mind that your body will most likely be slightly dehydrated, and your digestive tract will not be sufficiently stimulated following a full night’s sleep. This is where water comes into play, as it can literally kick-start your day by increasing your metabolism and even optimizing your body’s fat-burning capabilities, as shown in a 2007 study.

On top of that, a 2020 study, courtesy of the Nutrients journal, suggests that increased water intake may even lower blood pressure and protect kidney function.

If you’re not keen on drinking plain water every morning, then you can add 1 ounce of lemon juice to your glass of water.

This will give your morning drink extra freshness and hefty amounts of vitamin C, which acts as a potent antioxidant and also supports the immune system.

Gigi Carter


Gigi Carter is Co-founder of Daniel Fast: A Bridge to Healthy Living, Founder of My True Self, a licensed nutritionist, certified personal trainer, and author. She’s the author or co-author of A Prayer for Your Health Journal, The Plant-Based Workplace, and the children’s book The Spinach in My Teeth.

“Most people don’t drink enough water…”

We lose water while we’re sleeping, so it’s best to rehydrate first thing in the morning.

Not convinced about the merits of water? Here are five important ways water improves our health:

  1. Blood viscosity: Blood cells contain water, so when our bodies don’t get enough water they draw it out of our blood cells, making our blood more viscous — thick and sticky like molasses. This thicker blood puts a strain on your heart because it has to work harder to pump blood. Drinking enough water to maintain fluid balance will help keep blood flowing as it should.
  2. Blood vessels: Not drinking enough water contributes to high blood pressure because when you are chronically dehydrated, your body secretes a hormone called vasopressin that causes blood vessels to narrow. Sufficient water intake will maintain fluid balance, keeping blood vessels open for easy blood flow.
  3. Digestion: Constipation can happen when you are dehydrated over a few days. To hydrate itself, the body will extract fluid from food waste. That dry waste will then build up in the intestines and not pass as stool. This is not a comfortable situation. Drinking enough water, coupled with consuming fiber-rich, whole plant foods, promotes a healthy gut and digestion.
  4. Kidney function: Kidney stones develop over several weeks of chronic dehydration from a buildup of minerals that have crystallized. Ouch! Regular consumption of water reduces the risk of kidney stones by removing excessive minerals promptly.
  5. Mood and concentration: Dehydration can degrade your mood, make tasks seem more difficult than they are, lower concentration, and possibly result in headaches. Think about how this can affect school and work performance, as well as relationships.

Beyond alleviating these five direct consequences of dehydration, regular water consumption has also been associated with joint repair and improved mobility, alleviating cravings for foods like sugary snacks, increased energy levels, clearer skin, and improved weight loss.

Dr. Len Lopez


Dr. Len Lopez is a health and fitness expert who has spent 25 years teaching Eat Right Train Smart principles, so you get the most out of your time, energy, and effort.

“The healthiest drink in the morning is 8-12 ounces of water with a whole lemon or lime squeezed into it….”

Here are three reasons why it is the healthiest drink in the morning:

First, You need to rehydrate yourself after several hours of sleep.

Second, it alkalizes your body, which is important, because the dietary habits of most Americans leave their body acidic. The more acidic you are, the more prone you are to ill-health. Bacteria, viruses, parasites, and cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment. The lemon or lime juice makes your body more alkaline.

Lastly, It gives your body a little glucose to get your day started. Your blood sugar is low when you wake up because you haven’t eaten anything in several hours. So that bit of glucose will get you through those first 30-45 minutes as you get your day started, without putting additional stress on your adrenal glands as your race through your morning getting the kids ready, packing lunches, showering, getting dressed, breakfast, racing out the door, etc.

Many of the other commercially available drinks give you too much of a sugar hit and more than likely don’t make your body alkaline.

Lynn Gantner


Lynn Gantner is a Certified holistic healthy aging coach with Ageless Radiance Holistic. She is certified in holistic health and gut, plant-based nutrition, and by the International Association of Health Coaches.

“The healthiest drink in the morning is water…”

While you were sleeping, your body was busy repairing cells and cleaning out toxins. Drinking water in the morning helps your body to flush out all of these toxins. Your body is made up of around 70% water. During sleep, you went for hours without drinking water. Drinking water first thing in the morning rehydrates your body. When we are well hydrated, our skin looks younger, our joints are better lubricated, and our digestive system functions better.

Varsha Khatri


Varsha Khatri is a qualified nutritionist, an Ayurvedic consultant, and a health educator who runs her own holistic health and wellness business, Illuminated Health. She helps people make healthier dietary and lifestyle choices to improve their health and well-being.

“The healthiest drink in the morning is water…”

Too often, people get carried away with wanting to have hot water with lemon, apple cider vinegar, green tea, or a particular type of smoothie. However, the most important drink you can have in the morning is just your normal drinking water. There’s nothing fancy about it, but having 1-2 glasses of water in the morning before starting your day has its benefits. First, you do not have to worry about the effects of water on your teeth or whether it is too acidic. Simple plain water can boost your energy levels, improve mental clarity, is good for digestion, and keeps your body well hydrated.

Dr. Bill Cole

Dr. Bill Cole has made it his mission to help people reach their highest levels of health. He is the creator of Key Cellular Nutrition (KCN) and the Cellular Health Accelerator (CHA) program, leading a team of more than 30 dedicated health experts.

“We love having bone broth to drink first thing in the morning here at Key Cellular Nutrition…”

It is a nutrient powerhouse full of minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, and amino acids — everything you need to get your day started on the right foot with good protein and healthy fat.

Bone broth, often referred to as “liquid gold,” dates back to paleolithic days. Obviously, our ancestors knew what they were doing as most ancient civilizations utilized this drink. It is great for gut healing, boosting the immune system, and fighting inflammation in the body. Another amazing benefit of this wonderful drink is that it improves the health of the hair, skin, and nails. You can even add extra nutrients to your morning mug of bone broth by blending in some grass-fed butter and collagen powder. Homemade is usually best, as you are then able to customize your broth to your palate. However, if your busy schedule gets the best of you, there are some great boxed/jarred varieties like Epic, Osso Good, and Kettle & Fire.

Darryl Higgins

Darryl Higgins is the founder of Athlete Desk.

“What you have in the morning should include the very important nutrients that your body needs to function throughout the day…”

That’s why, as a health expert myself, I recommend that you should only drink the healthiest beverages every morning. The healthiest drink that you should drink in the morning is Chai tea. This tea is very rich in antioxidants that flush bad instruments from your stomach, and it can awaken your senses, which is great to have in the morning.

Tuula Vartiainen

Tuula Vartiainen is a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach helping people thrive in life in her health coaching practice at Keho&Co. She also helps companies establish their own wellness programs.

“The best way to start your day is with a detox drink…”

As a certified Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, I drink it myself daily and also recommend it to all my clients. Here is what you need:

  • Squeeze of fresh lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp raw apple cider vinegar
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • Warm water
  • A little manuka honey

It naturally helps to reduce any inflammation in the body and boosts your energy. If you suffer from toxin buildup in your body and have symptoms like constipation or bloating, you should try this detox drink on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Charles LaRosa

Charles LaRosa is a Researcher and Founder of Prepared Cooks.

“A nice smoothie with fruit, veggies, and Greek yogurt is the perfect way to start the day…”

The smoothie will provide you with lots of fuel to get you through your morning, especially if you include some protein powder and/or nut butters. There’s a never-ending list of ingredients you can put in your morning smoothie, so you’ll never get bored with your morning drink.

Keep it fresh, sip it in the morning to start your day (with breakfast or on its own), and find new ways to add health-boosting ingredients.

Rita Boreczky


Rita began her education with a Bachelor’s in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Syracuse University before transitioning to build over a decade of experience in marketing and sales roles. Now, as Vice President of Marketing at Pantry Food Co., she is working to bridge plant-based nutrition and cannabis wellness to bring quality products to the everyday consumer.

“The first thing anyone should drink in the morning is water…”

Your body has been at rest for around 6-8 hours, so you need to gently wake up your organs with a glass of water before consuming anything else. If just plain water isn’t cutting it, add a slice of fresh lemon, preferably organic. Most health experts agree water is the first thing you should reach for after waking up.

After drinking a glass of water, flood your body with a cold-pressed juice filled with greens. 100% fruit juice provides the most vital nutrients and antioxidants to your body and is a great way to consume a large amount of fruits and vegetables in one sitting. By morning, you might have already consumed your daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake — which will absolutely set your mind and body up for all-day success.

If at all possible, get a juicer and make your juice at home! Store-bought juices tend to be filled with sugar, and many are not cold-pressed. Plus, you reduce plastic waste and save money. Cold-pressed juices are thought to retain more nutrients in the produce, as opposed to traditional juicing which slightly warms the fruit or vegetable as the juice is made. Leave the skin on your produce, too, as that’s where most of the nutrients are found.

Violet Ostuni


Violet a Wellness Expert and CEO of Venture Love. She helps passion-driven women find clarity, have fun, and heal through Life, Health and Wellness Coaching, Workshops, and Retreats. She’s also a Committee Member of the Global Fund For Women.

“Lemons are your best friend, trust me…”

I have a yard with 5 lemon trees, and I’m so grateful. Why? Because they gift me the absolute most nutritious and cleansing fruit to start my day, the right way! Whether you choose to drink hot or room temperature water with lemon or you like to add a little spoonful of honey, drinking this simple, easy, and delicious drink will allow you to reap endless benefits. Want clearer skin? Drink this. Want better digestion? Drink this. Want to feel good? Drink this. You get the point. A few lemons a day keeps the doctor away!

Starting your day off right with a healthy drink in the morning such as water or a nutrient-packed smoothie will help you function at your best all day long. Try these expert suggestions to start your day off on a healthy note.