Incredible Edibles Opens in Glastonbury, CT

By March 30, 2021 No Comments

Edible Brands Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the first Incredible Edibles location in the country. According to the Hartford Business Journal, it has been a volatile year for George Chatzopoulos, who owns several franchises throughout Connecticut and the new Incredible Edibles spot. In January, Chatzopoulos started the exploring converting one of his existing locations into a new venture. In February, he sadly was diagnosed with brain cancer and underwent surgery. But, that did not stop him because in March, he opened the Incredible Edibles location in Glastonbury, CT. The move to open Incredible Edibles was partially driven by his health issues.

“I decided I am going to change my life and make my body healthy. I needed something different [as a business] and something that can help other people, too.”

Incredibles Edibles Focuses on a Healthy Lifestyle

Founded by Tariq Farid in 2019, Incredible Edibles aims to provide health-centered products. Additionally, the stores offer education to customers about the connection between food and the body’s endocannabinoid system (which regulates many important bodily processes like the immune system).

Paul Bundonis, who runs the day to day, noted the importance of healthy ingredients in products on the Incredible Edibles shelves. From baked goods like brownies and cookies to topicals like creams and balms, all of the products connect to a healthy lifestyle.

“The ingredients in our natural plant-based products we use have tremendous properties to support the immune system and can [also] help with inflammation that can cause all kinds of problems with aches and pains.”

Additionally, and equally importantly, Incredible Edible products primarily focus on non-CBD offerings. Bundonis did note about 20% of the inventory will be CBD-infused products. As the world evolves and more people make an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, Incredible Edibles is here to help.

For example, at the new Glastonbury location, Chatzopoulos is busy not only hiring, but training new staff. From his experience in the restaurant business, Chatzopoulos knows the importance of customer service. As Incredible Edibles serves the Glastonbury community, he focuses on helping the customer base cope with emerging health issues that range from anxiety to managing daily aches and pains.

For more on the Glastonbury, CT Incredible Edibles location, read the full story from the Hartford Business Journal.