Are Legal and Licensed CBD and Low THC Consumables Better for You?

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Are legal and licensed CBD and low THC consumables better for you?

The facts are clear: legal and licensed CBD and low THC consumables are better for you than cannabis or CBD products sourced through the black market or from other unregulated sources. Products sold at a legal and licensed dispensary are safe, regulated, well-tested, and offer more of a selection than those found through other channels. Here’s everything you need to know about why legal and licensed CBD and low THC consumables are better for you.

Legal Consumables are Safe

Legal consumables are safe

A licensed cannabis dispensary, whether it’s an adult-use dispensary or a medical dispensary, has a plethora of state regulations to fulfill. It also has a business reputation it must maintain. Therefore, if a dispensary wants to succeed and retain its legal status, it must secure best-of-class products and quality assurance. Not only that, but it must test and track its products from seed to sale. When buying cannabis products elsewhere, consumers can’t be sure where the product comes from or whether it passes safety guidelines. Additionally, when purchased through black market channels, users can never be certain if the product is contaminated with unsafe chemicals, bacteria, or even dangerous drugs.

Tests Can Confirm the Amount of CBD or THC in the Product

Legal and licensed dispensaries must also test for the amount of CBD or THC present in their products. Users can determine exactly how much CBD or THC is in a certain product right on the label. Dispensaries can also certify whether or not a product meets the legal regulations as a “hemp” product with less than 0.3 percent THC. Consumers are also easily able to determine whether a certain consumable contains a high or moderate amount of THC (more than 5 mg of THC per serving) or a low amount of THC (less than 5 mg of THC per serving).

When users source their cannabis from a non-licensed operation or make their own cannabis consumables at home, they’re dealing with the unknown. They can’t test the products they create, so they really don’t know how much CBD or THC is in a certain consumable. They might end up taking less than they need to achieve a certain effect or, as is more common, far too much. Additionally, users who are unfamiliar with the way CBD and low THC consumables work may not realize the delay in onset of effects when consuming cannabis products. Consumers who are unaware of how much THC is present in homemade consumables may eat a greater amount of the substance than intended before it has taken effect. Taking in too much THC may produce undesirable effects for some people, including drowsiness, confusion, anxiety, and hallucinations.

Regulated Cannabis Products Offer a Better Selection

Regulated Cannabis Produces Offer a Better Selection

To meet regulations, licensed and legal retailers carry a wide selection of clearly labeled cannabis and cannabis-derived products. These businesses offer a variety of consumables, beverages, and concentrates to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs. Additionally, cannabis dispensaries offer various cannabis strains from different plant families with a range of THC or CBD percentages. This variety provides customers with the opportunity to choose products that match the experience they’re looking for or those with the right amount of CBD or THC for any particular health benefits they’re seeking. When shopping through black market channels, consumers often don’t have access to any type of selection. They take what they can get and don’t have any way to evaluate the products.

Dispensaries Provide Safe Access and Education

Obtaining legal and licensed CBD and low THC consumables through a dispensary setting is safe and health-focused. When purchased through legal and licensed dispensaries, consumers can benefit from the dispensary’s education and knowledge about cannabis products that simply isn’t available through other channels. Additionally, a recent study found that dispensaries actually cause an overall reduction in crime in neighborhoods, which shows that consumers prefer to turn to legal and licensed products when available.

Low THC Products Provide a Good Entry Point

Legal and licensed low THC products are an especially safe option. These products provide a good entry point for consumers who haven’t ventured into cannabis before. Because legal and licensed products are regularly tested, consumers can be sure that the product has just the right microdose for their needs. Low THC products not only reduce the risk of consuming too much THC, but they can also help new consumers grow accustomed to how their bodies react to the new substance. By starting with a low microdose, consumers can gradually increase the amount of CBD or THC they’re consuming to achieve the desired effects.

In short, legal and licensed CBD and low THC consumables are better and safer for consumers. They’re better regulated, tested, and offer a wider selection than cannabis products available through black market channels.