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Types of Low THC Consumables: 48 Low THC Cannabis Consumables You Should Try

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Types of Low THC Consumables

Any product that contains no more than 5 mg of THC per serving is considered low THC. This low microdose provides just the right amount of benefits, without any of the undesirable side effects of ingesting too much THC. Plus, low THC cannabis consumables offer a great entry point to those new to cannabis. For those looking for more of an effect, consumers can stack doses to fit their needs, and there are also some products that contain slightly higher amounts of THC (about 6 mg) per serving. There are several types of low THC consumables, including gummies, chocolates, mints, hard candies, and even beverages. Below, we’ve rounded up 48 examples of products with 6 mg THC or less per serving across 7 different types of low THC consumables on the market today.

Low THC Gummies

  1. Plus Uplift Sour Watermelon Gummies

Plus Uplift Low THC Gummies

These gummies are infused with 5 mg THC per gummy. They have a sweet, nostalgic flavor of sour watermelon and consumers say they provide an uplifting, happy feeling.

  1. Manja Manja Sour Peach Chew

Manja Manja Low THC Gummies

With a sour peach flavor, these chews taste like the peach rings you used to enjoy as a kid. With 2 mg THC per chew, they provide a subtle effect that can be stacked when needed.

  1. Alternative Compassion Services Pink Lemonade Chews

Alternative Compassion Low THC Gummies

Flavored like pink lemonade, these chews are sweet and tasty. Each chew has approximately 4.5 mg of THC and five chews come in each package.

  1. Kiva Confections Watermelon Lemonade Camino Gummies

Kiva Confections Low THC Gummies

With a watermelon lemonade flavor, these gummies contain custom combinations of THC, CBD, and a range of terpenes to create a unique cannabis experience. Each gummy has 5 mg THC, with 20 gummies per package.

  1. Plus Tart Cherry 18:1 CBD Relief Gummies

Plus Tart Cherry Low THC Gummies

These gummies contain 18 parts CBD per each part of THC. Each tart cherry-flavored gummy contains 18 mg CBD and just 1 mg THC for a super mild experience that may help reduce pain and promote relaxation.

  1. Wyld Raspberry Gummies

Wyld Low THC Gummies

With 5 mg THC per gummy, these consumables produce a mild and uplifting effect with a gentle onset. They also taste like wild raspberries. There are 10 gummies per package.

  1. In Good Health Citrus Gummies

In Good Health Low THC Gummies

With 5 mg THC per gummy, these chews provide a stable and mild effect. They come in a pack of 20, so users can serve a crowd or just keep them on hand for special occasions.

  1. Sanctuary Medicinals Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Chews

Sanctuary Medicinals Low THC Gummies

These sweet treats are flavored with strawberry and kiwi. Each gummy has about 4 mg THC, with 20 gummies per pack.

  1. Wyld 2:1 CBD Enhanced Peach Gummies

Wyld Low THC Gummies

These gummies are made with a two to one ratio of CBD to THC, making them a great option for easing into THC consumables. Each gummy contains 5 mg THC and 10 mg CBD, and they’re made with real fruit and a balanced terpene profile.

  1. Golden Brands Tangerine Fruit Chews

Golden Brands Low THC Gummies

These gummies combine premium cannabis oil, real fruit, and other beneficial ingredients, such as maca root, B-complex, and more. Each gummy contains 5 mg THC per serving with 10 servings per package.

  1. Kushy Punch Recover Cannabis Infused Gummy

Kushy Punch Low THC Gummies

These gummies are formulated in 6 mg THC and 3 mg CBD doses. They’re made with full spectrum cannabis oil for the added benefit of terpenes and other cannabinoids.

  1. Platinum Vape Blue Raspberry Gummy Coins

Platinum Vape Low THC Gummies

Flavored like blue raspberry, these cannabis-infused gummies contain 5 mg THC each. They’re topped with sparkling sugar for a delectable bite.

  1. Nature’s Heritage Orange Cream Tablets

Nature's Heritage Low THC Gummies

Flavored like an orange creamsicle, these gummies are tasty and delicious. With just 5 mg THC per gummy, they provide a mild effect and are easily stacked.

  1. Grön Pearls Boost Watermelon

Gron Pearls Low THC Gummies

With a crisp taste and cool watermelon flavor, these pearl gummies contain 5 mg THC. They’re infused with flavorless, full spectrum cannabis oil for the added benefit of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Low THC Chocolates

  1. Mini Sparks CBD Goji Berries

Mini Sparks Low THC Chocolates

With a 2:1 CBD ratio, each individual pouch of these CBD Goji Berries contains 6 mg CBD and 3 mg THC that may provide relaxation and help to reduce stress and ease pain. Rich cacao tops a goji berry, providing notes of fruit, chocolate, tartness, and little something extra.

  1. Grön Milk Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts

Gron Low THC Chocolates

These chocolate covered hazelnuts have a great taste and texture. With about 4.5 mg THC per serving, they provide a balanced and uplifting effect, with a chill buzz.

  1. Satori CBD Almonds in Dark Chocolate

Satori Low THC Chocolates

With just 0.6 mg THC and 6 mg CBD each, these chocolate covered almonds provide just a touch of THC and a relaxing calm. This microdose is just what you need for all-day mood maintenance.

  1. 1906 Love Dark Milk Chocolate Beans

1906 Low THC Chocolates

Love uses damiana, muira puama, and catuaba, along with sense-enhancing cannabis to create a one-of-a-kind aphrodisiac. Each serving contains 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD.

  1. 1906 Go Dark Chocolate Beans

1906 Low THC Chocolates

Go uses an optimal blend of plants, caffeine, and cannabis to create an all-natural performance enhancer to help you get stuff done. It contains 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD per serving.

  1. Défoncé Coffee Chocolate Bar

Defonce Low THC Chocolates

This chocolate bar swirls flavors of cannabis and a cup of joe with chocolate. The entire bar contains 90 mg THC, but it is broken into 18 squares with 5 mg THC each.

  1. Satori Chocolates CBD-Rich Salted Caramel Almonds in Dark Chocolate

Satori Low THC Chocolates

Each piece of cannabis-infused salted caramel almonds contains 6 mg THC and 6 mg CBD. It provides a provide a light, calming effect with a bit of energetic buzz, perfect for creating a bit of mindfulness.

Low THC Mints

  1. Commonwealth Alternative Care Chroma Peppermints

Commonwealth Alternative low TCH mints

These cannabis-infused peppermints will freshen your breath while producing mild THC effects. Each mint provides 5 mg THC, and the entire package contains 20 mints.

  1. Verano Winterment Menta Mints

Verano low TCH mints

These mints contain 5 mg THC each, and with 20 pieces, the entire box contains 100 mg THC total. They feature a strong wintermint taste that freshens your breath, too.

  1. Mr. Moxey’s Mints Sativa Energizing Peppermints

Mr. Moxey's low TCH mints

These mints are delectable, portable, and discreet. They include Siberian Ginseng to improve stamina, Ginkgo to promote clarity, and 5 mg Sativa THC to provide the perfect microdose.

  1. Verano Wildberry Menta Mints

Verano low TCH mints

Made with honey and green tea matcha, these mints provide antioxidants and additional health benefits. Each mint has 5 mg THC and a refreshing wildberry flavor.

  1. Kiva Confections Petra Moroccan Mint

Kiva Confections low TCH mints

Infused with a precise blend of California-grown cannabis, green tea matcha, and peppermint extract, these mints have a refreshing mint taste with a hint of vanilla. Each mint also contains a microdose of 2.5 mg THC.

  1. Dixie Vitalizing Pomegranate Acai Mints

Dixie Vitalizing low TCH mints

With 5 mg THC per serving, these mints provide a boost of revitalizing energy for a midday pick-me-up on sluggish afternoons or for staying awake during a night out with friends. They’re flavored with pomegranate acai for a burst of flavor.

  1. Mr. Moxey’s CBD Ginger Mints

Mr. Moxey's low TCH mints

With 5 mg CBD and 1 mg THC each, these mints provide a buzz of relaxation in the body, perfect for entering a meditative state. Flavored lightly with ginger, they’re also said to provide a strong yet calm head buzz.

  1. La Haute Happy Mints

La Haute low TCH mints

With 2 mg THC and 2 mg CBD each, these mints have a balanced ratio of CBD and THC. The resulting effect is mild, breezy, and a non-intrusive mood boost.

  1. Curaleaf Mint-Flavored Micro-Tablets 20 1

Curaleaf Verano low TCH mints

Each of these Curaleaf Micro-Tablets contains 5 mg of active cannabinoids. They deliver a 20:1 THC to CBD ratio and are intended for sublingual or oral use.

  1. Kiva Confections Petra Tart Cherry

Kiva Confections Low THC Mints

These mints feature a robust, delectable flavor that’s reminiscent of picking a ripe, tart cherry straight off the vine. Each mint contains 2.5 mg THC for the perfect microdose.

Low THC Hard Candies

  1. Encore Edibles Lavender Lemonade Hard Candies

Encore Low THC Hard Candies

These hard candies are non-GMO, pesticide free, and lab-tested for potency and purity. Each candy contains 5 mg THC, and each pack contains 20 pieces.

  1. Beaucoup Strawberry Hard Candies

Beaucoup Low THC Hard Candies

Beaucoup’s effect-based terpenes are formulated to provide a consistent experience each time. With a one to one ratio of CBD to THC, each candy contains 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD.

  1. Canyon Cultivation SuckIt

Canyon Cultivation Low THC Hard Candies

With 2.5 mg THC per dose, these hard candies are intended to be stacked for a custom-tailored effect. Start with one, and give it time. Then, when you feel the effect, you can take another if you choose to manage your experience.

  1. ZootRocks Caramel Cannabis Infused Nuggets

ZootRocks Low THC Hard Candies

These hard candies feature the rich, smooth taste of caramel, blended with premium-quality cannabis extract. Each ZootRocks Caramel Cannabis Infused Nugget contains just 5 mg THC, so it’s easy to control your experience.

Low THC Lozenges

  1. Sanctuary Medicinals Creamsicle Lozenge

Sanctuary Low THC Lozenges

These lozenges taste just like an orange creamsicle and are intended for sublingual use. They contain 5 mg THC per lozenge, with 20 pieces per package.

  1. Temescal Wellness Watermelon Lozenges

Temescal Wellness Low THC Lozenges

Bursting with watermelon flavor, these lozenges are long lasting, delicious candies. They contain 5 mg THC each for the perfect microdose.

  1. Goodship Tart Cherry Pastilles

Goodship Low THC Lozenges

These pastilles lean on the mild side with a calm, soothing effect thanks to 2.5 mg THC. They feature a tart cherry flavor with lots of powdered sugar to mask the cannabis flavor.

  1. Wanna Brands Mixed Berry Indica Tarts

Wanna Brands Low THC Lozenges

With a vibrant and juicy blend with a touch of citrus flavor, these tarts contain 5 mg THC each. They’re handcrafted with all-natural ingredients, and are infused with indica terpene-enhanced extract, which results in a mellow, stress-relieving effect.

  1. Verano 1:1 Mandarin Chewable Troches

Verano Low THC Lozenges

These chewable troches are made with 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBH each. They’re subtly flavored with mandarin for a sweet, tart taste.

Low THC Confections

  1. Handcrafted Marshmallow Singles

Handcrafted Low THC Confections

Mellows are low dose, gourmet marshmallows that come in five great flavors, including birthday cake, strawberry shortcake, brown butter sage, chocolate, and peppermint bark. Each marshmallow contains 5 mg THC.

  1. THC Rainbow Crispy Marshmallow Cubes

THC Rainbow Low THC Confections

These delicious marshmallow cereal treats are available in four flavors: chocolate, berry, marshmallow, and rainbow. Each cube contains 5 mg THC, with 8 cubes per package for a total of 40 mg THC per package.

  1. Wave Edibles KoKo Joe’s Truffles

Wave Edibles Low THC Confections

A rich, creamy chocolate truffle is rolled in white chocolate and toasted coconut. It comes in a package of three, but a serving is one piece at 3.33 mg THC each.

Low THC Beverages

  1. Oh Hi THC Sparkling Seltzer Ginger Basil Limeade

Oh Hi Low THC Beverages

This sparkling seltzer contains 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD. With a flavor of ginger basil limeade, the flavor balances sweet and spicy with notes of tart lime.

  1. Langunitas Hifi Hops

Langunitas Low THC Beverages

Hi-Fi Hops is a sparkling water infused with cannabis for a non-alcoholic, zero-calorie, and zero-carb zinger that drinks like a beer. Calming, refreshing, and invigorating, each drink contains 5 mg CBD and 5 mg THC.

  1. Cann Lemon Lavender Cannabis-Infused Social Tonic

Cann Low THC Beverages

With 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD, this cannabis-infused tonic contains simple, all-natural ingredients. Featuring real, sustainably sourced lemon, lavender, and agave, it’s sweet, refreshing, and aromatic.

  1. Nectar Bee CBD Ginger Ale

Nectar Bee Low THC Beverages

This delicious and refreshing ginger ale features a two to one CBD to THC ratio. Each drink contains 10 mg CBD and 5 mg THC, resulting in a cannabis soda that provides a relaxing and calming effect.

  1. Phyx Natural Microdosed THC Sparkling Water

Phyx Natural Low THC Beverages

This microdosed sparkling water contains a one to one ratio of THC and CBD, with 2.5 mg of both in each 8.5-ounce container. It has a refreshing flavor with no cannabis smell or taste and features an immediate effect due to proprietary nano-encapsulation absorption technology.

With several different types of low THC consumables to choose from and a variety of product choices for each type, it’s easy to find a low THC consumable that perfectly suits your lifestyle. These cannabis consumables are microdosed with just the right amount of THC and/or CBD. They’re perfect for new users looking for a mild cannabis experience or more experienced users looking to stack their dose for a custom-tailored effect. If you’re looking for products with a slightly higher amount of THC but still want a consumable product with a lower amount of THC, there are several 6 mg THC products on the market to choose from, as well.