Let’s create Amazing – Together!

We come from a family of Proven and Experienced Franchised Brands

  • Incredible Edibles belongs to the family of Farid Brands, which began with a vision from one young and ambitious entrepreneur, and has since blossomed into a global, go-to source for carefully crafted gifts and treats. We’re talking about founder Tariq Farid, who at age 17 purchased a local flower shop before launching a $500 million brand in 1999.
  • And alongside remarkable growth in what is now a collection of brands, the search for unique and nutritional wellness concepts has never slowed. That’s because the craving for fresh innovations is constant, and the rewards are endless.

Incredible Edibles Retail Store Opportunities

Interested in running your own Incredible Edibles retail store?

Share your passion for health and wellness through the offering of Superfood based foods, beverages, deserts and gifts.

We will be with you every step of the way as a knowledgeable, caring and innovative partner. Backed by our Connecticut based leadership and support team, we’ll design and build a retail solution that allows you to offer world class, highest quality, best tasting and precision dosed products from our private label collection, complemented with the best brand partners we could find!