26 CBD and Cannabis Experts & CBD Enthusiasts Share the Most Underrated Pre- and Post-Workout Benefits of CBD & Cannabis

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Underrated Pre & Post Workout Benefits of CBD

A growing number of consumers across every adult demographic, including seniors, are turning to CBD and cannabis in search of relief from anxiety, aches and pains, insomnia, and other conditions.

While more research is needed to definitely prove CBD’s benefits for these and other conditions, CBD and cannabis are in high demand. Some consumers say it helps them alleviate chronic pain, while others turn to CBD in search of its potential mood-boosting effects and overall well-being.

But do CBD and cannabis offer any potential benefits as a pre- or post-workout supplement? To find out what benefits consumers may see from using CBD or cannabis as a pre-workout or post-workout, we reached out to a panel of CBD and cannabis experts and CBD enthusiasts and asked them to answer this question:

“What’s the most underrated pre or post workout benefit of CBD / cannabis?”

Meet Our Panel of CBD and Cannabis Experts & CBD Enthusiasts:

●      Jonas Urbonas

●      Jacob Hydra

●      Brett Gluth

●      Derek Du Chesne

●      Awais Spall

●      Kendra Freeman

●      Jamie Bacharach

●      Anthony Franciosi

●      Rachel MacPherson

●      Amy Chin

●      Shawn Lockery

●      Laura Smith-Hatch

●      Dr. Michele Ross

●      Jeffery Brooks

●      Karena Dawn

●      Kathrin Garner

●      Arkady Kats

●      Matt Janz

●      Michael Julom

●      Elliot Blacker

●      Jonathan Tillman

●      Christine Wang

●      Jon Rhodes

●      Dipak Hemraj

●      Sabina King

●      Romas Marcinkevicius

Read on to learn what our experts had to say about the most underrated benefits of using CBD or cannabis for pre- or post-workout.

NOTE: The information and opinions expressed below represent the opinions of the individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Incredible Edibles.

Jonas Urbonas

Jonas Urbonas is a cannabis expert, philanthropist, sustainability enthusiast, and a founder of Sativum, a health and wellness company that was created to help people live life fully with help from organic full-spectrum CBD products. Jonas has been in the cannabis industry for 3+ years, from growing cannabis Sativa L. to extracting it and following the daily news of all phytocannabinoids, cannabidiol included.

“There are several post-workout and recovery benefits of CBD…”

1) Faster muscle recovery (reduced inflammation)

When muscles are working harder than usual or in a different way, it is believed to cause microscopic damage to the muscle fibers, which then become inflamed, resulting in muscle soreness or stiffness. After they’re healed, the muscles then become stronger and bigger.

A study points out that “cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents” and as CBD does not seem to have harsh side effects even taken in high doses, it makes a good choice as a muscle recovery supplement.

Another way CBD could benefit muscle recovery is because of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) it is working on. The ECS is believed to control the balance in your organism. It is thought to help regulate a variety of functions in humans including sleep, mood, memory, appetite, reproduction, and pain sensation. By aiding the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help the body function more efficiently as CBD promotes homeostasis, reduces pain sensation, and decreases inflammation.

2) Prolonged bliss (longer feeling of runner’s high)

Most people feel a heightened mental state after intense exercise (also known as the runner’s high). If only we could make it last longer. But wait, maybe there is a way?

CBD can help by prolonging the feelings of bliss after you exercise. When we feel good, or even better delighted, our brain produces a neurotransmitter called Anandamide. Like all other neurotransmitters, it breaks down rapidly in your body, and that is why you feel only brief moments of bliss. What does it have to do with CBD?

One study found that CBD slows the degradation of Anandamide by suppressing the enzyme FAAH, which breaks down the said neurotransmitter, meaning you experience longer moments of bliss. To put it simply, that blissful moment you get after you exercise might be enhanced even further by integrating CBD in your daily routine.

Jacob Hydra

Jacob Hydra is the owner of BudInformer, which is his personal blog focused on providing the ultimate resource for cannabis growers. Jacob also has 8+ years’ experience being a budtender in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

“I personally have seen more success using CBD as a pre-workout, and I believe there have been more scientific studies which have proved its benefits…”

CBD is a great pre-workout supplement because it helps to give you a quick boost of energy, helps reduce pain from muscle soreness, and also helps alleviate anxiety, which can have a huge improvement in workout performance.

One of the biggest benefits of CBD for workout performance is CBD’s anti-catabolic effects. These effects can actually help you build more lean muscle and in a more efficient way. When you complete a hard workout, your body will begin to produce cortisol. Cortisol is your body’s

response to physical stress, and it attempts to protect your body by reducing protein synthesis and tissue growth. CBD helps to reduce the cortisol response, which means your body will be able to focus more on protein synthesis and tissue growth – exactly what you want after a hard workout.

Brett Gluth


Brett Gluth is a Digital Marketing Assistant at BATCH by Wisconsin Hemp Scientific.

“The most underrated benefit of using CBD when working out is related to post-workout recovery…

CBD has well-documented anti-inflammatory characteristics which make it great to use after a tough workout. Specifically, CBD is able to help reduce muscle swelling and speed up recovery of the broken down muscle tissues. This could allow you to get back in the gym faster, speeding up your gains.

Derek Du Chesne


Prior to joining Exactus Hemp as President, Derek was responsible for over $100 million in revenue at his previous company, EcoGen Laboratories. Prior to that, Derek was the CEO/Co-Founder of Healing Ventures, a marketing & supply chain firm that helped bring several leading CBD companies to market.

“CBD’s most underrated benefit is its ability to reduce inflammation in the body…”

Taking CBD pre- or post-workout has many benefits. As a pre-workout, it allows your muscles and body to relax, calming any inflammation and reducing the chance of injury. As a post-workout, it helps the body recover faster and reduces inflammation, especially in the joints. CBD is extremely beneficial for anyone experiencing soreness, tightness, strain, and fatigue.

Awais Spall

Awais Spall is a published cannabis researcher who has spent 5 years as a clinical advisor, advising doctors and practitioners on the safe use of cannabis as medicine. Awais has partnered with a direct to consumer brand known as Revibe, where he used his background to develop a transdermal formulation that is able to provide all of the benefits of CBD in a topical product.

“One of the most underrated benefits of CBD in a pre- and post-workout context is its effect on the autonomic nervous system…”

Central nervous system burnout is a common issue among athletes, and it leads to lethargy and general systemic weakness. By boosting endocannabinoid tone, CBD helps the body get into a parasympathetic state (rest and digest) that is critical for tissue and joint recovery. Furthermore, CBD actually influences a set of receptor pathways on the body known as transient receptor potentials. I actually worked on a research publication with a few doctors in Pennsylvania where we found that CBD applied topically is able to reduce neuropathic pain in these receptor sites. By providing an analgesic effect in these receptor sites, CBD is able to block the stress cascade that signals deeper tissue inflammation and soreness.

Inspired by this research, I decided to formulate my own transdermal CBD cream that incorporates additional synergistic compounds that are able to ease muscle and joint inflammation. The cream is called the Revibe daily wellness cream, and by influencing these receptor sites, it is able to have downstream effects on reducing overall post-exercise soreness and thus is able to improve recovery. We are currently doing some comparative biometrics research with athletes and finding that our topical formula significantly outperforms oral CBD tinctures due to the fact that there is no loss of CBD through hepatic (liver) first-pass metabolism.

While this research is still pending, we did recently posted a video on our Instagram where fitness influencer John Parker discusses the biometrics he ran on himself and the improvement he saw in sleep and post-exercise recovery.

Kendra Freeman


Kendra Freeman is the Co-Founder and VP of Product and Business Development of Mendi, an athlete-built and women-owned company with a mission to improve recovery for all athletes. She has the magic ability to comprehend the nuances of plants at a molecular level while keeping her perspective elevated to keep Mendi’s eyes and ears on the horizon of a rapidly shifting market.

“I think topicals can be really underrated…

I have access to a lot of CBD products, and I forget to use our topicals all the time. I went surfing over one recent weekend, and as a person who is over the hill, I took a tumble in a wave and tweaked my knee. I came home and lathered my hurt knee with our cream and of course, it is sore, but I could tell the next day it was on the mend. Sometimes you do not think of using a topical to help your aches go away, but our cream is a game-changer.

I’ve also been experimenting with an even less-explored topic: the during-workout benefit of our products. Lately, I’ve been packing our Day Tincture on the trail biking and hiking those multi-hour days where your body starts to fatigue and flare up during the long grind. The Day Tincture gives that extra little energy boost with the Yerba Mate blended in with our other herbal extracts, and the steady dose of sublingually delivered CBD fights inflammation before it flares up. The Gummies on top, towards the end of the longer push (after about 1.5 hrs), give a little extra sugar to replenish glucose before you bonk. Combined, I feel like I’m getting on top of recovery before I even make my way home back to the couch or desk for work. I don’t feel the need to wait until after a workout to start my CBD game plan.

Jamie Bacharach


Jamie Bacharach is a Licensed Medical Acupuncturist and Health Coach in Jerusalem, Israel, as well as the Head of Practice at Acupuncture Jerusalem. Jamie uses her knowledge of medicine and healthy living to instruct her patients on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

“The most underrated pre-workout benefit of CBD and cannabis is that it helps to reduce blood pressure and promotes healthy blood pressure…

By reducing blood pressure, CBD or cannabis allows you to have a more thorough and comprehensive workout while reducing soreness during and after your workout. This is because lower blood pressure puts less strain on your heart and body, allowing you to strengthen and challenge your heart and body at large.

Pick a healthy, CBD-infused pre-workout supplement to enjoy its benefits and take advantage of a more thorough and intense workout than ever before.

Anthony Franciosi

Anthony Franciosi is the founder of Honest Marijuana Company, which utilizes all-natural cultivation methods to produce only the finest organic and eco-conscious cannabis products. Anthony has shared his marijuana business and cultivation insight for many top cannabis outlets, including cannabis Business Times, Marijuana Venture, and High Times.

“Cannabis raises your metabolism…”

Marijuana can help speed up your metabolism so you can actually get a fat-burning boost before hitting the elliptical. According to a study recorded in Men’s Journal, “The compounds THC and cannabidiol found in marijuana may help raise metabolism, speed fat loss, and lower cholesterol.” Controlled insulin levels are key to energy and weight-loss. Pot is good for insulin levels, which means pot is good for your body. Marijuana reduces anxiety and gets you revved up to work out. Strangely enough, cannabis is actually the key ingredient in pumping you up for a workout.

After consuming, we feel more heightened and ready to take on the gym by storm. So, while you might think that cannabis would chill you out and force you to complacently melt into the couch, skipping the gym completely, it actually can help you get ready for your routine. It reduces anxiety and pumps you up!

Cannabis can make you better at sports. Marijuana can literally make you better at the games you love to play. While participating in activities DRUNK might impair your judgment and compromise your performance, marijuana will actually IMPROVE your skills. Since you’re relaxed after using/consuming, you’re automatically more aware of the tasks at hand, which of course is crucial to sports aptitude.

Cannabis helps your muscles recover. You know what seriously blows about a super hardcore workout? Being super sore the next couple of days after. Luckily, the answer is even simpler than eating a ton of protein and having a trusty spotter. Using cannabis means the end of the muscle pain after workouts. cannabis keeps you in the zone. It can also help you stay ultra-focused during your routine.

Rachel MacPherson

Rachel MacPherson is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Exercise Nutrition Coach.

“There are a ton of benefits for working out with CBD, but the most underrated benefit would have to be…”

The ability of CBD to decrease levels of cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can be beneficial in the right amounts, but if it is in excess, then it can blunt your ability to gain muscle mass and lose fat. Studies show that oral CBD can decrease cortisol levels. Cortisol can become a problem if you exercise too long, too hard, or too often. If you train heavy or perform HIIT type exercise on top of a busy schedule and other stressful life events, your cortisol levels can become a detriment to all of your hard work. Using CBD might help offset some of that damage by lowering cortisol levels.

Amy Chin


Amy Chin is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, a born and bred New Yorker, and a true believer in the healing powers of CBD. CBD makes her happy. It has this transformative power – an ability to elevate our experiences, improve our outlook on life, and relax our minds during moments of duress. That’s why she started Calm Better Days.

“The benefit of taking CBD pre-workout is that you’ll gain more stamina and endurance, as…”

The CBD will keep any pain or inflammation in check, therefore allowing your body to go the extra mile.

CBD is also great for post-workout as when we work out, it’s creating micro-tears in your muscle. The CBD will help your muscles recover quicker, which means less intense muscle aches and sores. The CBD will also help with inflammation so that your aches and pain will heal quicker. These water-soluble drops by East Fork Cultivars are great.

Shawn Lockery


Shawn Lockery is the Co-founder and CTO of InVivo Biosystems.

“The most underrated pre-workout benefits of the CBD is to…”

Boost energy, lower sensitivity to pain, and prevent or minimize the breakdown of developed muscle. CBD is a proven analgesic solution that is effective for relieving pain and acts as an anti-catabolic, all by encouraging the body to function efficiently. It allows fitness-minded persons to push themselves during their workout and lower their sensitivity to muscle pain. Another underrated benefit of CBD is that it’s being used as a mood elevator and energy booster.

Laura Smith-Hatch

Laura Smith-Hatch is a product liability attorney in Southern California who comes from a long line of trailblazing women focused on women’s health. Her Grandmother (Granny Rose) was a medicine woman who used plants and herbs to heal. Following in her footsteps, Laura created BloomBoxx.

“Before starting a yoga class, a dropper full of CBD is my go-to…

It ensures that my overthinking mind stays present and helps ease any post-class soreness.

Dr. Michele Ross


Dr. Michele Ross is the author of 5 books, including Vitamin Weed, and has been coaching cannabis patients for over a decade. She is currently the founder of Fibro University.

“The most underrated benefit of pre-workout cannabis is the ability to…”

Reduce pain and reduce stiffness in patients with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia, so that they can actually begin their workout instead of skipping it. Most patients with chronic illness who use cannabis can exercise and further reduce their symptoms, while patients who don’t use it spiral even worse without exercise. Vaping cannabis before workouts has been a game-changer for my fibromyalgia, along with using a CBD cream with menthol on any sore muscles the day after a hard workout.

Jeffery Brooks

Jeffery Brooks is the CEO of Oleyhemp, USA. From harvest to your home, they take great pride in preserving the quality and transparency of their products for your family, pets, and home.

Their commitment is to help you balance your body and total wellness by delivering the highest quality hemp-derived products available.

“The most underrated post-workout benefit of  CBD/cannabis is pain mitigation…”

CBD is considered to be a powerful analgesic, as evidenced by both empirical and scientific research. This effect may allow CBD to provide symptomatic support in the event of muscle injury or post-training recovery. With less pain, it will be easier for you to get back into action more quickly and feel more comfortable between training sessions.

The CBD is thought to stop pain through three main mechanisms:

  1. By inhibiting the transmission of pain to the spinal cord and brain
  2. By reducing the activity of inflammatory messengers
  3. By reducing sensitivity to pain through vanilloid receptors

Karena Dawn


Karena Dawn is the Chief Wellness Officer at

“An underrated use case of CBD and fitness is that…”

By using CBD, your body becomes more relaxed, which leads to users being able to be more flexible. In turn, greater flexibility can lead to gains/improvements in fitness routines.

Kathrin Garner

Kathrin Garner is a professional editor, content strategist, and writer. She works with themes connected to marijuana in general, CBD help for health, hair, and skin problems. Her articles are based on medical research and her own investigations.

“CBD is known for some therapeutic advantages…”

It can even assist you in keeping up with your wellness system. Individuals appear to be very keen on finding new CBD items for weight reduction. One of the fascinating items that can help them is CBD water. It has many benefits when used pre- or post-workout:

1) Reduces muscle pain – CBD is a powerful and natural painkiller. Drinking CBD water after workouts can relieve your muscular cramps. Having CBD water during workouts would help you deal with muscle pain so that you can continue with your physical exercises for longer durations.

2) Weight management – CBD products have always been associated with weight loss. Consuming THC strains increases appetite, which can increase weight. But, CBD works quite the opposite way.

3) Provides necessary minerals and vitamins – CBD water contains important vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are beneficial for the body, especially when you feel exhausted during workouts.

4) Provides anti-inflammatory effects to the body – CBD water reduces the level of hormones that cause inflammation. As a result, your inflammation goes away quickly, and your body is set to do more exercise.

5) Improves insulin sensitivity – The less insulin your body recruits, the more beneficial it is. Your insulin should be low for the most part. CBD lowers insulin level, so it can help people who have poor insulin sensitivity stay fit.

After a tough workout, you are likely to be sore for a couple of days afterward – this is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Using some form of CBD infused spray can help muscles recover more quickly. These oils are highly effective and have become a popular trend in the health and fitness industry. Don’t confuse CBD sprays or oils with illegal marijuana or cannabis edibles – they are very different things.

Arkady Kats


Arkady Kats is a freelance writer, internet marketer, and marijuana enthusiast who has been researching cannabis for the past 15 years. He is also the editor-in-chief and founder of

“cannabis, in general, isn’t usually something that relates to working out; however…”

Post-workout and even pre-workout CBD use has a lot of benefits that people may not even know about.

Some take pre-workouts for a boost of energy. If you check the amount of caffeine that’s in those drinks, you’ll understand why they do what they do and why they kind of make people feel like The Hulk. CBD won’t do that for you, but there are other reasons to take it before working out. When it comes to energy, CBD has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety elements that can work to boost energy levels and provide motivation while working out. On top of that, CBD has proven to be an analgesic solution; it relieves pain. It can help an individual be able to push themselves further in their workouts by lowering their sensitivity to muscle pain. However, it can also help a person feel relaxed, so it may end up working in a counteractive way.

CBD use for post-workout is where the real magic happens. Building muscle is a rigorous process that includes the breakdown of muscle fibers after an intense workout. That sore feeling is the body’s response to healing micro-tears in the muscle fibers. Feeling that way after working out is a good sign, as it means that muscles are recovering and building stronger fibers. However, injuries, joint pain, and muscle soreness are not always easy to deal with. CBD is known to relieve pain and inflammation, which helps immensely with exercise-induced muscle soreness.

Although more research is needed, as with many other CBD benefits, even professional athletes are starting to turn to this cannabinoid for pain management and muscle recovery. When it comes to other substances, chronic use of over-the-counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Aspirin, Ibuprofen) can have damaging long term effects, plus the body can build up a tolerance to these drugs and their effectiveness. Personally, I like to mix THC and CBD after an intense workout. That’s not for everyone because of the psychoactive elements, but when it comes to strictly CBD, I have personally benefited from this substance for recovery.

Matt Janz


Matt Janz brings years of industry leadership experience to The+Source and is responsible for planning, developing, and implementing communications campaigns for The+Source. He oversees the company’s marketing and advertising strategies along with maintaining legislative compliance.

“More and more people are recognizing the potential benefits of CBD and fitness as it relates to…”

Post-workout benefits of inflammation reduction and as a result, a more expedient recovery. Personally, I have seen an equally efficacious benefit utilizing CBD pre-workout as well. Taking CBD pre-workout may help reduce muscle inflammation, which can increase your flexibility for a safer and more effective workout. I enjoy power-lifting, and such heavy loads can be dangerous if your muscle groups are tight and your body is not warmed up. Taking CBD as a pre-workout supplement seems to enable my body to reduce preemptive inflammation, yielding better warm-ups, smoother movements, and more secure lifts intra-workout.

Michael Julom

Michael Julom is the Founder of

“There is a lot of advice going around regarding training efficiency and how to maximize athletic potential…”

In a world packed full of fads and quick fixes, one of the most underrated aspects of living a fit, healthy life is good-quality sleep.

This is crucial if you’re hitting hard workouts regularly. Hypertrophy and adaptation only come during sleep, so if you want to both recover and progress, you will need to make the most out of your shut-eye.

CBD oil can help here. It helps you to get into a deeper, more restful pattern of sleep, allowing your body to properly heal. It can help by causing your body to move from REM into the deeper NREM phase of your sleep cycle. The human body heals most efficiently during these deep phases of sleep.

Part of the reason for this is that the body produces melatonin during these deeper sleep cycle phases. Melatonin is a crucial growth hormone: it helps in muscle recovery, adaptation, and hypertrophy. A lack of sufficient sleep results in a lack of melatonin, which will adversely affect recovery.

Alongside this, CBD can more actively aid your muscles as they recover by allaying DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). It works as a fantastic anti-inflammatory (inflammation is one of the major causes of DOMS) and can decrease pain and improve joint mobility.

Both of these mechanisms – improved sleep and decreased DOMS – mean that you will be up and on your feet quicker, more fully recovered, and better adapted by using CBD oil.

Elliot Blacker


Elliot Blacker founded Evopure to rebuild personal nutrition in two ways; to provide organic, plant-based products to support everyday health and to give people a way of enjoying mother nature’s remedies without damaging mother nature herself. They provide high quality, organic, lab-tested CBD from the farm to door.

“The most underrated benefit of CBD pre- and post-exercise is the way it supports the digestive system…”

Gastrointestinal issues are inconvenient as it is, but it can be a primary reason why athletes drop out of competitions. Dehydration and overheating caused by exercise can make underlying gastrointestinal problems worse, as well.

This is where CBD oils and capsules can come in.

CBD works on the cannabinoid receptors in the endocannabinoid system in our bodies. These receptors control the parts of our bodies associated with regulation and control, including:

  • The thyroid gland
  • The pituitary gland
  • The pancreas
  • The kidneys

Because of the involvement of CBD in these parts of our bodies, it promotes digestive health and appetite. It can also help to reduce digestive system inflammation, which can cause gastrointestinal problems.

As a result, people who exercise and take CBD are more likely to be able to continue their competitions and routines without being interrupted by their bodily functions.

Jonathan Tillman


Jonathan Tillman is a CBD National Expansion Leader.

CBD helps relieve pain and soreness from the body, especially when you get done with a great workout…”

Also, using CBD – especially the cream – helps create mobility for the body before and after the workout. One of the top reasons to use CBD is to relieve people from stress, just like when you work out and you are getting your stress out. It’s the same way with CBD. Here are some interesting benefits of using CBD oil:

  • Enhanced breakdown of fat
  • Increase the body’s ability to burn calories
  • For people who want to lose weight to it can reduce their appetite
  • Removes waste from the body which boosts the fat burning process
  • Before working out and you still sore and have pain use the cream to relieve you from pain and get the mobility
  • After you work out for recovery to reduce the soreness and pain use the CBD cream
  • Relieve stress
  • Help people have clarity/focus

Christine Wang


Christine Wang is the Founder of The Ski Girl.

“The most underrated pre-workout benefit of CBD is the edge it gives you to focus…”

Some people think that being calm and collected before a workout is the opposite of where you want to be and go for the ‘amped-up’ approach. I totally disagree. While you need the energy to go hard and push yourself, having a clear focus on the task at hand is equally important. And the anti-anxiety and calming effects of CBD give me a very clear focus that always helps my training.

I typically take about 10-25mg of CBD about 1/2 hour before a workout. I find that it really keeps my head clear and allows me to push through tough workouts at a greater pace than when I don’t use it. I know a lot of athletes use it as a post-workout supplement to help with fatigue and recovery, and most of them don’t realize the benefits it can provide pre-workout as well.

Jon Rhodes

Jon Rhodes is a clinical hypnotherapist and CBD researcher from the UK. Check out his CBD blog.

“Most people wouldn’t consider cannabis or CBD useful for pre-workout…”

But there’s a surprising benefit. As most people are aware, cannabis and CBD are anti-inflammatory. There are numerous studies that back this up.

A little-appreciated pre-workout benefit of cannabis and CBD when smoked is that cannabis and CBD help open the airways. After smoking cannabis or CBD, breathing becomes easier. Their anti-inflammatory properties increase the size of your airways, helping you take in more breath.

This boosts your stamina, as you are able to take in more oxygen with each breath, allowing you to train harder, and enjoy more gains.

But don’t mix the cannabis or CBD with tobacco, as this has the opposite effect and can negate the benefits of opening up your airways.

Dipak Hemraj


Dipak Hemraj is the Chief Research Officer (CRO) of He has worked in the cannabis industry for 15 years and has a keen interest in finding out how cannabis works and what conditions it works best for. He is a published author, works with doctors and scientists worldwide on cannabis research, and makes cannabinoid-based products for sick people.

“Complementing your workout routine with cannabis has many benefits, whether you use it before or after exercise…”

Cannabinoids in cannabis, like THC and CBD, have anti-inflammatory effects that can ease pain and help overcome injuries. Other benefits include stimulating appetite and aiding sleep.

Essentially, cannabis and CBD can be of immense use for recovery.

When it comes to the underrated benefits of cannabis for exercise, there is one in particular that people often forget: the ability to inspire. When people think of creativity, they usually think of art or music. However, working out can also require a new approach, especially if the routines are becoming a bit too routine. This can help prevent overtraining, which in turn prevents injury.

It is also not uncommon for an athlete to get stuck in a rut and plateau once they’ve reached a certain level. This can hold back improvement, which is the bane of any athlete. Another effect of being in a rut is predictability. In sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, for example, becoming predictable means an opponent can work out your preferred grips, positions, and submissions, making you beatable. Many athletes use cannabis to get them out of this rut and come up with a new approach to their sport. This can end up separating them from the rest of the pack.

Sabina King


Sabina King practices yoga wherever she goes, whether that’s in her home in Ubud, Bali, or in Big White, British Columbia. When she’s not perfecting an Asana, she’s growing her business, Hempure CBD.

“The most underrated pre/post-workout benefits of CBD/cannabis are…”

CBD lengthens the amount of time that a particular chemical called Anandamide stays in the body before being broken down. Anandamide is considered to be responsible, at least in part, for the runner’s high. Taking CBD before a run can extend the duration of a good mood post-workout and can even kick in a mental boost mid-workout, making it easier to stick with it until the end.

CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, and anyone who works out regularly is probably familiar with DOMS or Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, which is caused primarily by inflammation. Now, inflammation is a useful and necessary step to healing, but prolonged inflammation can make it harder to work out. Topical CBD can offer enormous relief for this kind of soreness, as can ingested CBD.

CBD has been shown to offer some benefits towards healthy sleep, which of course is key to a good recovery and muscle building.

Romas Marcinkevicius


Romas Marcinkevicius is the President of GoGreen Hemp. Romas has found pain relief through CBD and since 2016 has spread the knowledge and power of CBD. GoGreen Hemp strives to provide consumers with a safe and effective CBD experience that will help them find their own relief.

“There are two very underrated pre- and post-workout benefits that can be attributed to CBD…”

The first being assisting your gut, and the second being that CBD can be an alternative to NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Advil or Aleve.

Assisting your gut – Inflammation in the small and large intestines is quite common in endurance runners and is one of the leading reasons they drop out of races. While CBD won’t help in hydration or overheating, it can help with underlying inflammation in the tissue, which is the cause for stomach pain after exercise. The way your intestines become inflamed after exercise is quite simple: you’re either dehydrated, overheated, or your body has produced too much acid in your stomach, causing an inflammatory response. Again, CBD calms this reaction in your gut to eliminate inflammation as it lines your gut.

Alternative to NSAIDs – The cannabinoids in the hemp plant have anti-inflammatory properties that perform different actions, including the obstruction of pro-inflammatory compounds that the body produced due to injury or disease. As CBD interacts with your body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid System) and regulates the body’s general state of balance, it blocks the COX-2 enzyme more effectively than NSAIDs and regulates pain and immune response.