Incredible Edibles Provides Wake-Up for Wellness in Glastonbury, CT

By May 3, 2021 No Comments

What makes the new Incredible Edibles store stand out in Glastonbury? A focus on wellness!

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us turned inward and took a deep look at our health and wellness. As part of the Edible Arrangements family, Incredible Edibles was created with the desire to feel good in mind. Incredible Edibles harnesses the power of plants and naturally derived ingredients to bring consumers food, beverages, and products that promote everyday wellness.

To help accomplish their mission, Incredible Edibles recently opened the first franchise in Connecticut in Glastonbury. As part of the opening, WTNH spoke with the team behind the brand. Some local residents may think CBD when they hear the name Incredible Edibles. However, the brand strategy evolved since first launching years ago because CBD was simply one part of a renewed focus on health and wellness. As people around Connecticut (and the country) think about their health, people want more options to ingest healthy options and avoid unhealthy options.

Julie Dooley, Executive Chef, Director of Brands, explains how Incredible Edibles evolved, while still focusing on local ingredients.

“We tapped into kombucha, local from Danbury, and wanted to bring some mixed drinks to everybody that could possibly infuse CBD or not.”

As a result, if you are looking to increase your health and wellness, then stop by the Glastonbury store. Filled with a kombucha bar and even a build-your-own Greek salads, the local Incredible Edibles store combines quick serve healthy foods with CBD. Plus, the menu is gluten free and locally sourced.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy eating and overall wellness, then stop by the Glastonbury franchise because the team is staffed to educate the public. For more about Incredible Edibles, then WTNH shares more details about how consumers can get a salad with a side of CBD.